Gears of War: Judgment

Laced Records 03/19/2023 Download

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# Track   Duration
3.Undefined Charges2:41
4.High Surge1:48
5.Upper Reaches1:41
6.Disorder in the Court1:42
7.Return Fire3:08
8.Slowly but Surely2:19
9.A New Plan1:22
10.Smarter Men Than We2:13
12.Not So Fast0:45
13.The Last Stretch2:27
14.Comms Online1:43
16.What it Takes0:51
17.Hold the Line1:34
18.Tower of Lightmass1:45
19.Enemy Unveiled2:25
20.Around the Court1:42
21.Against all Reason1:03
22.Forbidden Streets1:32
23.Asset Recovery0:46
24.Evac Zone1:38
25.Fair and Swift1:36
26.Ulterior Motive1:06
27.Vantage Point1:43
28.Taking a Stand1:40
29.Pendulum Swings1:37
30.Charges Dropped1:49
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