The Forbidden Marriage

Genie Music 01/22/2023 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.How Can I Forget YouSEO EUNKWANG4:35
2.Do You Know ThatEUNHA3:33
3.The WallKim Min Seok4:02
4.Can You Hear MeLee Ah Young4:14
5.Let′s Go, SorangCho Eun Young & Kwon song hee3:08
6.The Forbidden MarriageOH HEEJOON3:24
7.Sorang′s ThemeChoi Sorin9:22
8.Lee Heon, The KingOH HEEJOON4:31
9.Shinwon′s ThemeOH HEEJOON & Roh Hyoung Woo4:32
10.Peach FlowerCho Eun Young feat. Jeong Ga Ensemble Soul Keeper3:43
11.Fake LifePark JiYe2:41
12.Night WalkChoi Sorin3:56
13.InsanePark JiYe2:36
14.Romance in ChosunCho Eun Young2:32
15.Heon′s TearRoh Hyoung Woo4:46
16.Heon′s DreamRoh Hyoung Woo4:06
17.Chosun′s Best FraudCho Eun Young2:53
18.Heavy Drinker SorangPark JiYe2:31
19.Cute LiarChoi Sorin2:24
20.The King′s MajestyCho Eun Young3:06
21.Sorang, RomanceChoi Sorin2:56
22.Erotic ChosunCho Eun Young3:43
23.MatchmakerPark JiYe2:35
24.How Na´veChoi Sorin2:47
25.Eunuch or PederastyPark JiYe2:43
26.Hit The TargetPark JiYe2:47
27.The King′s MarchCho Eun Young2:11
28.Runway of The KingOH HEEJOON2:30
29.Palace Techno FestivalCho Eun Young2:04
30.Seo, DesireCho Eun Young5:03
31.Dark PlanChoi Sorin3:29
32.Ahn, TraceChoi Sorin2:53
33.Sorang, WoundedChoi Sorin2:50
34.Crush on HerChoi Sorin3:14
35.Story TimeChoi Sorin2:28
36.StealthPark JiYe2:44
37.Heon′s CrisisRoh Hyoung Woo5:54
38.EvidencePark JiYe5:06
39.InevitablePark JiYe3:58
40.A Lost NameOH HEEJOON3:43
41.Straggered DestinyCho Eun Young2:39
42.Heon′s RiseRoh Hyoung Woo4:42
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