World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Blizzard Entertainment 11/22/2022 Download
Game soundtrack Film release: 2022

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# Track   Duration
1.The Isles Awaken (Jake Lefkowitz, Glenn Stafford, David Arkenstone & Jason Hayes)12:14
2.Dragonflight Announce Cinematic (Neal Acree & Jake Lefkowitz)5:20
3.Dragon Hunters (Jake Lefkowitz)5:17
4.The Dragon's Hoard (David Arkenstone & Jake Lefkowitz)4:54
5.Ramparts of Valdrakken (Jake Lefkowitz)5:17
6.Gardens of Unity (Jake Lefkowitz)6:05
7.Windsong (Jake Lefkowitz)6:30
8.Might of the Storm (Glenn Stafford & Catherine Nguyen)7:48
9.Frostlands (Glenn Stafford)5:39
10.Azure Glades (Glenn Stafford)5:11
11.Blessings of the Aspects (Glenn Stafford)5:05
12.Maruukai (Jake Lefkowitz)7:24
13.Riverbends (Jake Lefkowitz)6:39
14.Emberflow (Jake Lefkowitz)7:28
15.The Iskaara (David Arkenstone)6:32
16.Tyrhold (Glenn Stafford)3:45
17.Shady Sanctuary (Jake Lefkowitz)4:31
18.Life Pools (David Arkenstone)5:48
19.Giants of the Span (David Arkenstone)4:22
20.(no track title)0:00
21.20. Brackenhide (Glenn Stafford)3:59
22.21. The Forbidden Reach (Glenn Stafford)5:47
23.22. Take to the Skies (Launch Cinematic) (Neal Acree & Jake Lefkowitz)2:36
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