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Look Back

2707500 Records DK 09/23/2022 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Look BackMichael Huber feat. Lizzie2:23
2.Take You To The Stars2:21
4.Maybe A Good Idea3:02
6.Conversation On A Bench1:32
7.Perfect Friendship1:56
8.Fatal AnnouncementMichael Huber feat. Lizzie2:03
10.Look BackMichael Huber feat. Lizzie2:24
11.A Celtic Development1:59
12.Parc Scene Rock1:36
13.Maybe A Good Idea1:45
14.Look Back1:41
15.Fantastic Relation New Guitar Mix2:07
16.Childrens Cello0:34
18.Parc Scene Rock1:26
19.Drama Queen1:14
20.Elinor Symphony1:51
21.DecisionMichael Huber feat. Lizzie1:17
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