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The Good Detective 2

ADA Korea 09/18/2022 Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Good TimesDavey Nate2:28
2.Come and knockIm Yoon Seong3:50
3.Come and knockIm Yoon Seong3:50
4.PurnisherSONG JAE KYEONG & Park Se Jun1:57
5.Daddys RoadSong Jin Suk & HWANG SEUNG PIL1:51
6.Out of timeCHOI MUN SEOK & Kim Dong Hyeok2:43
7.Mission StartKim Tae Hwan & Park Se Jun2:36
8.Back In TownNA YUN SIK & Park Se Jun2:08
9.Purple MirrorWOO JI HUN & Park Se Jun2:36
10.A Clap Of ThunderSong Jin Suk & HWANG SEUNG PIL2:28
11.VacuumSONG JAE KYEONG & Park Se Jun2:32
12.Behind MemoriesLee Nyeom2:31
13.Accidental TensionKim Tae Hwan & Park Se Jun3:02
14.Fear And GreedKim Dong Hyeok2:40
15.Dangerous FaceWOO JI HUN & Park Se Jun1:29
16.Mysterious WomanYU HUI HYEON & Park Se Jun3:20
17.Mental GameSong Jin Suk & HWANG SEUNG PIL2:42
18.Alone In DesertNA YUN SIK & Park Se Jun4:39
19.No More SecretsCHOI MUN SEOK & Kim Dong Hyeok3:08
20.RunawayKim Tae Hwan & Park Se Jun2:13
21.Bad DreamKim Min Ji3:34
22.Pending Process 1SONG JAE KYEONG & Park Se Jun1:58
23.Good PoliceWOO JI HUN & Park Se Jun1:59
24.Air RaidCHOI MUN SEOK & Kim Dong Hyeok1:34
25.Devil ManNA YUN SIK & Park Se Jun2:42
26.The Sound Of BosniaSong Jin Suk & HWANG SEUNG PIL2:17
27.Good CopWOO JI HUN & Park Se Jun1:39
28.Nice OutKim Tae Hwan & Park Se Jun3:04
29.Astral VisionNa Sang Jin & Park Se Jun2:09
30.Dead RaceLee Nyeom2:28
31.Pending Process 2SONG JAE KYEONG & Park Se Jun2:36
32.ReliefNA YUN SIK & Park Se Jun4:20
33.Second Milky WayKim Tae Hwan & Park Se Jun3:29
34.Deep WatersCHOI MUN SEOK & Kim Dong Hyeok1:29
35.Escape HospitalLee Nyeom2:19
36.The Old PorscheSong Jin Suk & HWANG SEUNG PIL2:57
37.Get UpSONG JAE KYEONG & Park Se Jun2:12
38.I Gotta GoWOO JI HUN & Park Se Jun1:41
39.Reverse InvestigationKim Tae Hwan & Park Se Jun2:46
40.The Riot V2CHOI MUN SEOK & Kim Dong Hyeok2:31
41.Through The LoveSong Jin Suk1:28
42.Team PlayWOO JI HUN & Park Se Jun1:41
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