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Made in Italy

Posted by Robert Bettens

Added on Thursday, September 14, 2017

Made in Italy

Digitmovies is releasing for the absolute first time on CD, the complete version of the OST by Carlo Rustichelli for the film “Made in Italy” (aka “Estos italianos” – “À l'italienne”).

Digitmovies is releasing for the absolute first time on CD, the complete version of the OST by Carlo Rustichelli for the film “Made in Italy” (aka “Estos italianos” – “À l'italienne”).

Carlo Rustichelli is one of the titans of film music. For 'Made in Italy,” he composed one of the best OSTs of his long and fabulous career. Originally RCA had released a promotional LP (SP 8015) containing eleven tracks in mono with a total time of only 22:14 minutes. For our CD (69:01 min) we were able to access the master assembled for the LP and the original mono master tapes from the recording session which allowed us to release the entire soundtrack, including previously unreleased material.

With a stellar cast dominated by beauties like Virna Lisi, Sylva Koscina, and Catherine Spaak, Maestro Rustichelli created a beautiful Mediterranean mood inspired by fabulous settings in Rome, Amalfi, Ravello, Matera, Naples, Venice, Turin, Florence, Sicily and beautifully photographed by Ennio Guarnieri. The main theme is “La ballata del lavoro” ('The Work Ballad') a shake sung by a male voice and performed by the orchestra of Carlos Pes and accompanied by the Cantori Moderni di Alessandroni (Tr.1). The composer reprises this theme with wistful instrumental versions (Tr.3, Tr.6, Tr.8) alternating with folk style music which is a bit funny and a bit sad, and dominated by the organ and typical instruments used by Rustichelli (Tr.2, Tr.4, Tr.9). There is no shortage of lounge pieces like Tr.5 and Tr.11 where Maestro Rustichelli hints at James Bond, and Tr.24, a wild shake sung by Raul for the scene where Catherine Spaak is dancing in the disco. As bonus tracks we’ve also included four musical sequences with the sound technician’s announcements directly from the recording session. This CD is a tribute to the immortal art of Charles Rustichelli.

Directed in 1965 by Nanni Loy. Starring Alberto Sordi, Lando Buzzanca, Nino Castelnuovo, Walter Chiari, Peppino De Filippo, Aldo Fabrizi, Sylva Koscina, Virna Lisi, Anna Magnani, Nino Manfredi, Lea Massari, Jean Sorel, Catherine Spaak.

The film, adapted by Maccari and Scola, is a series of costume sketches arranged in episodes entitled: “Customs and Traditions,” “Work,” 'Women', 'Citizens, State and Church', and 'Family.' Some of the episodes stand out because the stories are more thoroughly developed. In one, a father is proud of his graduating son who must now adjust to a different life and find a job. In another, a family is unable to reach the gelateria because all the streets are overflowing with cars. In another, the attractive widow of a rich aristocrat meets an old friend who she had been in love with. But she is not going to marry him this time either because by now she is used to marrying for profit. Another episode tells the story of a young, attractive woman who is approached by a handsome local bachelor; but unfortunately she must realize that the man is only interested in his car. In another episode, a man seduces a married woman, but then he comes up with an excuse and immediately leaves her. In another, a businessman gets sucked into the bureaucratic mess of the municipal offices and comes out a few hours later full of fines and without the certificate he went there to get. Finally, an adulterer assaults his innocent wife, blaming her for an embarrassing situation he has created.

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