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Sky High

Posted by Robert Bettens

Added on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sky High

New release Intrada

The 2005 Disney film Sky High was composer Michael Giacchino's first live-action feature for a major studio and, in hindsight, it was a natural leap from his early world of videogames and television into the stratosphere of blockbuster capes-and-space fare he now commands. Giacchino's bright, brassy march complements the films primary colors and superheroic posture, introduced under the comic bookstyled main titles and called into action in a variety of creative costumes. Giacchino offers empathy with warm string chords, moments of danger feature itchy motif for tremolo strings akin to his Lost scoring and occasional layers of techno beats appear. The final showdown at the school unleashes weighty, thematic battle music for orchestra and choir that foreshadows Giacchinos later work on the Star Trek films and other special-effects epics.

For this premiere release, the entire score appears in crisp, detailed stereo direct from the two-track digital scoring session mixes, courtesy Walt Disney Productions and composer Giacchino.

Led by young actors Michael Angarano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as superheroes in a high school for superheroes, the adult cast is filled out with famous genre alumni and quirky comedians. Kurt Russell is The Commander with Kelly Preston at his side, and the teachers at Sky High include camp king Bruce Campbell, Kids in the Hall alums Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald and, as school principal, the original Wonder Woman: Lynda Carter.

Track listing

01. Sky High Opening (4:48)
02. Trouble Downtown (0:46)
03. Next Stop Sky High (1:35)
04. Round-Up (0:36)
05. Welcome To Sky High (1:11)
06. Power Placement (Brandon Christy/Michael Giacchino) (2:31)
07. Still Looking/Stare Down (0:28)
08. Lollipopless/The Secret Sanctum (3:55)
09. Medulla All Blown-Uppa/Im A Sidekick (1:41)
10. Vats An Idea!/Respect The Hat (1:14)
11. Cafeteria Brawl/Proud Papa (3:34)
12. Movin On Up (0:34)
13. A Friendly Wave (0:33)
14. Sidekicked Out (0:52)
15. Save The Citizen (Michael Giacchino/Kevin Riepl/Chris Tilton)
And Private Tutor (4:04)
16. Kiss Of Death (0:56)
17. Homecoming News/Makeout Sanctum (1:28)
18. Keeping Promises (0:42)
19. Shes Totally Into You (0:37)
20. Gotta Get To Sky High (1:23)
21. Pacified (3:41)
22. Fighting Back (1:24)
23. Royal Pain Is Monologuing (4:38)
24. That Couldve Been Messy (3:03)
25. You Saved Sky High (1:14)
26. Sky High End Credits (2:02)
Total Time: 49:50

The Extras (Additional Cues)
27. Bus Away (0:10)
28. Power Placement Coda (Brandon Christy/Michael Giacchino)* (0:08)
29. Starting With You (0:10)
30. A Friendly Wave (Alternate Take)* (0:32)
Extras Time: 1:04

*Not Featured in Film

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