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The Rescue & Muppets Most Wanted

Posted by Tim Horemans

Added on Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Rescue & Muppets Most Wanted

Intrada releases music from Broughton and Beck

Intrada has released Bruce Broughton's score to The Rescue and Christophe's Beck score to Muppets Most Wanted.

Exciting treat for Bruce Broughton & action score fans! World premiere release of powerhouse score by Broughton for Touchstone Pictures 1988 action movie, directed by Ferdinand Fairfax. Four elite Navy SEALS are captured in waters of North Korea, their teenage offspring launch into dangerous rescue operation, Broughton leads the way! Rousing score comes between composer's Silverado and Tombstone, offers quality on a par with both. Keynote here is thundering action! Cool architecture of film and score allows Broughton to continually build upon thematic elements for first half, then unleash non-stop wall of powerful excitement. Last four cues offer sensational 'rescue' music with virtuoso playing by large orchestra, dynamically captured by Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox Studios Scoring Stage over five days during February 1988. Many lengthy cues another big asset. When all is said and done, Broughton wraps score with one of the most rousing finishes of his career, bringing muscular Americana main theme to fore in resounding fashion. Though moments of respite do play a role, especially during suspenseful & atmospheric initial Korea sequences, Broughton probably offers more knockout action music for this score than any other of his works to date. Pure dynamite! Presented from pristine condition complete stereo session masters courtesy Walt Disney Music & Touchstone Pictures. Bruce Broughton conducts, delivers a bullseye!

Track list

01. Main Title (4:31)
02. Diving SEALS (1:02)
03. Underwater Rescue (3:41)
04. News (0:53)
05. J.J. (1:18)
06. Nightwork (2:28)
07. Preparations (3:18)
08. The Boat (2:53)
09. Move It! (0:42)
10. At The Border (0:55)
11. Boat Chase (5:57)
12. Into Korea More (3:55)
13. The Monitor (0:57)
14. Dejected (1:06)
15. To The Prison (7:03)
16. Spooling Around (0:53)
17. The Rescue Begins (6:26)
18. The Rescue (7:16)
19. The Plane! The Plane! (6:42)
20. The Landing And End Credits (5:03)
Total Score Time: 67:24

The Extras
21. J.J. (Alternate) (0:53)
22. Armed Forces Radio (1:39)
23. Almost Ready (Source) (2:23)
Total Extras Time: 4:59

Walt Disney Records/Intrada co-brand presents dynamic original score CD from Disney's second Muppet movie, directed by James Bobin, featuring ever popular Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Great Gonzo, Rowlf, many others. Lending support for these Muppets Most Wanted are Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Tina Fey. World tour, jewel heist, Kermit imposter all inspire Christophe Beck to create rapid-fire symphonic soundscape that races with virtuoso orchestral ideas coming from all sides. Chorus adds rich eastern Europe color. Beck balances between high energy, sentimental warmth but gives weight to the former in stunning, crisp recording made by Casey Stone at Sony Scoring Stage. Composer displays masterful flair for retaining coherency of style while hurtling forward at frenetic pace. Highlights are many but deserving spotlight is rousing, aptly-named 'What An Action sequence'. Terrific 'bonus' features Beck's equally rousing orchestral score for initial Disney installment, The Muppets, released in 2011, also directed by James Bobin, starring same beloved characters with support from Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper. Here Beck visits variety of musical styles from wildly symphonic to impressively Vaudeville. As with Muppets Most Wanted, overall tone of music for The Muppets is serious, exciting, giving weight and emotion to famed critters that came from the mind of Jim Henson. Tim Davies conducts.

Track list

Muppets Most Wanted

01. The Worlds Most Dangerous Frog
02. Lets Do It
03. Hole in the Wall Club
04. Dominic Badguy
05. Froggy Canal+
06. Sam Meets Jean
07. Secret Lemon Juice Writing++
08. Back at the Gulag
09. Colonel Bloods Key++
10. Travel by Map
11. Goodnight Danny Trejo++
12. Following Dominic
13. Discovered
14. My Amphibian Prince+
15. You Complete Me
16. The Proposal
17. Without Kermit+
18. No One Noticed
19. Babies+, ++
20. Wedding Interruptus
21. What an Action Sequence!
22. Piggy Smooch+
23. Were Sorry Kermit
24. End Credits*

The Muppets 2011

25. To Hollywood*
26. Maniacal Laugh
27. The Search for the Frog*++
28. Moral Support
29. Getting Gonzo
30. Rebuffed*
31. Traveling by Map
32. Man of Muppets
33. Muppet Man
34. The Muppet Party
35. Got the Show
36. Theatre in Ruins
37. Pig vs. Poog++
38. Under the Stars
39. Breakneck Driving
40. Jack Black Attack
41. The Telethon Takeoff
42. Tex Reciprocates
43. The First Call
44. Scooter Takeover
45. Photo Reunion
46. The Last Act
47. We Fail Together