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The Stepford Wives - Dennis The Menace Expanded - Favor

Posted by Tim Horemans

Added on Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Stepford Wives - Dennis The Menace Expanded - Favor

New La-La Land Records releases

La-La Land Records will be releasing today 3 new soundtrack titles. The first is the world premiere of David Arnold's score to The Stepford Wives, second is Jerry Goldsmith's expanded score to Dennis The Menace and third is Joe Kraemer's score to Favor wich will be a digital only release.

La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures proudly present the world premiere release of composer David Arnolds (GODZILLA, TOMORROW NEVER DIES, SHAFT, CASINO ROYALE) original motion picture score to the 2004 Paramount Pictures feature film THE STEPFORD WIVES, starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick and Bette Midler, and directed by Frank Oz. Finally, Mr. Arnolds long-sought-after score debuts with a deluxe presentation that unleashes all its big and brassy orchestral glory! Brimming with melody and swirled with dark, comedic motifs, this expertly complex score is the perfect compliment to the films satiric heart and a knockout stand-alone listen! Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson, this limited edition release of 1500 Units features exclusive, in-depth liners by writer Tim Greiving and sharp art direction by Goldwasser.

Track list

1. Opening Titles 2:38
2. Getting Fired 1:57
3. The Hospital 1:35
4. Drive to Stepford* /Gates of Stepford 1:46
5. House Tour/First Night/First Morning 2:18
6. Claires SUV*/Drive to SMA 1:56
7. Heart to Heart 2:34
8. To Saras/Saras House*/Exterior SMA 2:14
9. Book Club/20 Dollars 1:40
10. Cupcakes/Daves Car 0:55
11. Pre-Sneak/Sneaking Around 2:12
12. Roger Gets His/Youll Never Change/Rover Remote/Jo Logs In 3:21
13. To Bobbies 0:59
14. Bobbies Kitchen 1:34
15. Where Are My Children? 1:44
16. Rotunda/Jos Descent/Mike and Claires Intro/
Walter and Jos Intro 3:03
17. Midsummer Waltz 1:50
18. Lab 1A* / Mikes Speech 1:10
19. Claires Speech* 3:14
20. Claires Demise*/Keep Shopping* 1:46
21. End Credits 5:31


Bonus Tracks
22. EBS Play-On (source) 0:24
23. Balance of Power (source) 0:36
24. Who Loves You More?* (unused source) 0:51
25. I Can Do Better* (source) 1:53
26. Midsummer Waltz (early take) 1:51
27. Getting Fired (alternate) 1:58
28. To Bobbies (alternate) 1:02
29. Where Are My Children? (alternate ending) 1:17
30. Claires Demise (alternate) 1:11
31. Midsummer Waltz (alternate take) 1:50


La-La Land Records, WEA and Warner Bros. present the latest in our expanded archival collection, Jerry Goldsmiths original motion picture score to the 1993 feature film DENNIS THE MENACE, starring Walter Matthau, Joan Plowright and Mason Gamble, and directed by Nick Castle. Expanded with more than 20 minutes of previously unreleased music, plus bonus tracks, Goldsmiths (PATTON, ALIEN, POLTERGEIST, FIRST KNIGHT) heartwarming and whimsical score, considered to be one of his most entertaining 90s works, is a sheer delight - and the undeniable heartbeat of this sweet John Hughes-produced, live-action telling of Hank Ketchams beloved comic strip character. Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Bruce Botnick (the scores original recording engineer), this special limited edition release of 3000 units has been mastered by Botnick from the original, first generation three-track digital mixes. Exclusive, in-depth liners from film music writer Jeff Bond, (with comments from with Goldsmiths agent, Richard Kraft), and David Feins playful art design wrap it all up in wondrous style.

Track list

The Film Score
1. Our Town 2:54
2. Take an Aspirin* 3:16
3. The Plant* :46
4. The Doll* 1:24
5. Sound Games* :43
6. Hide and Seek* 1:55
7. Dollnapping* 3:04
8. The Shower / Broken Flowers* 2:07
9. Spilled Paint* 1:10
10. A Funny Taste* 1:15
11. Babysitting 3:45
12. The Dentures / The Purse* 4:00
13. Bed Time 5:13
14. Shaggy Dog Story 4:05
15. Redecorating* 1:00
16. A Mistake* :48
17. The Heist 4:16
18. Remembering Dennis* :56
19. The Slingshot 1:22
20. Tied Up 2:11
21. Beans 4:11
22. The Search* :38
23. Real Love 1:31
24. Hung Up 1:30
25. He's Back 2:20
26. Forgetful Sam 1:29
27. Toasted Marshmallows 4:30
Film Score Running Time: 62:29

Bonus Tracks
28. Babysitting (original album version) 3:53
29. Fun With False Teeth (original album version) 1:57
30. Bed Time (original album version) 5:12
31. Toasted Marshmallows (original album version) 4:23
Bonus Tracks Running Time: 15:29

Total Album Running Time: 77:58
* = previously unreleased
= contains previously unreleased music

La-La Land Records proudly presents its first digital download-only release, composer Joe Kraemers (THE WAY OF THE GUN, JACK REACHER) original motion picture score to the independent thriller THE FAVOR. Kraemer effectively weaves mood and menace in exciting fashion, creating a seductive musical soundscape for this dark, noir-ish tale of childhood friends who become embroiled in mayhem and murder. This score is available for download at digital music retailers, including iTunes. A digital booklet is available to those who purchase the full album on iTunes.

Track list

1. The Hotel Room 4:34
2. Marvin Digs a Hole 4:44
3. Just Another Day at the Office 5:12
4. Twisted Threesome 4:24
5. Decisions 1:59
6. Finale 4:36
7. Theme from Favor 2:37

Total Album Time: 28:08