Psycho II, Young Sherlock Holmes & The Man in Half Moon Street

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Added on Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Psycho II, Young Sherlock Holmes & The Man in Half Moon Street

New releases from Intrada

It was no April Fool's Day for Intrada today. With 3 new releases they meant serious business! Not only did they release Bruce Broughton's Young Sherlock Holmes and Miklos Rozsa's The Man in the Half Moon Street as earlier announced. They also released Jerry Goldsmith's score to Psycho II, a holy grail title for many filmmusic fans!

PSYCHO II (Jerry Goldsmith)

Intrada proudly presents eerie, terrifying original soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith from Richard Franklin follow-up to famed Alfred Hitchcock thriller about Norman Bates and those twelve vacancies at his Bates Motel. Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles reprise their iconic roles with newcomers Meg Tilly, Dennis Franz adding to suspense, chills. Goldsmith takes sensational approach to horror tale by anchoring entire score not with scary theme but with incredibly gentle, minor key idea that generates significant amount of sympathy for Norman, his attempts to go straight after years in prison. That said, horrific events follow and composer launches riveting action material in kind. Orchestration is unique: requisite strings in tribute to classic Bernard Herrmann original play key role but composer adds array of colors courtesy piano, large woodwind section, synthesizer. Goldsmith tacets all brass save French horns, allowing the expressive instruments to rip, tear and bray through numerous frightening passages. An unusually intense additional color comes from wild 'knife slashes' written into score. With all these sizeable shadings of sound, resulting music ranges from gently beautiful, hauntingly sad to wildly aggressive, strikingly intense. Complete score presented in dynamic stereo courtesy multi-track session masters vaulted in pristine condition at Universal. For original 1982 album, Goldsmith did considerable editing within cues, dropped major sequences entirely to keep duration at a half hour. In some cases he also attached names of certain cues to others instead. Scoring session paperwork and cue sheets allowed us to properly identify everything for the first time. Fun to discover Goldsmith wrote two separate sequences titled 'Mothers Room', 'Mother's Room #2' plus two additional alternate versions featuring different bells, chimes, electronic effects within. All four appear on our CD. Also fun to discover haunting 'End Title' was originally scored with striking pizzicato strings that plucked rhythmic accompaniment to introduction of gentle theme. This unused alternate also appears on our CD in 'extras' section. Goldsmith also recorded two Beethoven piano excerpts at his sessions to be heard as Bates plays piano onscreen. Both also appear as extras, as does alternate version of 'Peep Hole #2'. Highlights of new music are many but deserving spotlight are intense 'Toomy's Death', stark two-part voicings of French horns during 'Expected Guest'. Flipper cover allows listeners to select new artwork or original MCA album cover. Jerry Goldsmith conducts. Intrada Special Collection release available while quantities and interest remain!

01. The Murder (Bernard Herrmann) (0:59)
02. Psycho II Main Title (1:39)
03. The House (1:51)
04. Mothers Hand (1:54)
05. Old Weapons (0:41)
06. Cheese Sandwich (0:31)
07. Mothers Room (2:05)
08. Out To Lunch (2:00)
09. No Note (1:05)
10. The Peep Hole (1:47)
11. Toomys Death (1:11)
12. Peep Hole #2 (Revised) (0:55)
13. Mothers Room #2 (4:28)
14. Basement Killing (1:18)
15. New Furniture (0:44)
16. Its Starting Again (0:40)
17. A Night Cap (1:08)
18. Blood Bath (4:01)
19. Dont Take Me (5:39)
20. Shes Not Dead (1:16)
21. Hello Mother (2:52)
22. The Cellar (4:48)
23. Its Not Your Mother (5:11)
24. Expected Guest (2:44)
25. Psycho II End Title (Revised) (4:18)

Time: 56:41

The Extras

26. Sonata #14 [Moonlight], Op. 27, No. 2 1st Mvt (Beethoven) (1:51)
27. Sonata #8 [Pathetique], Op. 13 2nd Mvt (Beethoven) (1:04)
28. Peep Hole #2 (Original) (0:56)
29. Mothers Room #2 (Alternate No. 1) (4:28)
30. Mothers Room #2 (Alternate No. 2) (4:28)
31. Psycho II End Title (Original Version) (4:18)

The Extras Time: 17:18

Total Time: 74:10


At last! The 2-CD premiere of Bruce Broughton's complete, wildly popular soundtrack for Steven Spielberg's presentation of Young Sherlock Holmes, directed by Barry Levinson, written by Chris Columbus, starring Nicholas Rowe. Though Broughton has such monumental scores as the Oscar-nominated Silverado and thundering Tombstone to his credit, it is this rousing, tuneful and dynamic music for young Holmes and his first big adventure that brings Broughton the most attention amongst fans. Understandable! Levinson's film remains a timeless classic of young adventure and spirited energy, melded with danger and a touch of tragedy. Broughton underscores two thirds of the picture with his finest melodies and most vivid derring-do. Ideas seem boundless: the main adventure theme, Holmes music that plays throughout as he works on solving the riddles, a gentle love theme, music for Waxflatter and his flying invention, the villain's motif, a dueling theme for the sword fights... and a massive tour-de-force for orchestra and chorus that underlines various sacrifices within the pyramid. All of these ideas weave in and about, sometimes one playing on top of another, some times each playing in subtle disguise, other times all playing in powerful fashion. The harmonic vernacular is dazzling, moving effortlessly from the 19th century England period setting into intense and ferocious, complicated 20th century idioms. Quite simply, Broughton's music for Young Sherlock Holmes serves as a masterpiece in film scoring. Broughton originally selected about 36-minutes of music for the original 1985 album. To present the entire 90-minute work plus several alternates and 'extras', Intrada was fortunate to have access to the actual 2' 24-track scoring session masters, housed at Paramount in pristine condition. (Fans familiar with the earlier LP may enjoy knowing that those tracks appear now in their full length, unedited versions as recorded and not in their truncated LP counterparts.) The stereo sonics are stunning, even by today's standards. Through the combined courtesies of Paramount Pictures, Geffen Records and UMG, this magnificent complete soundtrack finally becomes a long-awaited reality! Bruce Broughton conducts the Sinfonia of London. 2-CD set, now available in the Intrada MAF series.

Disc 1

01. The First Victim (2:57)
02. The Old Hat Trick (1:45)
03. Main Title (2:01)
04. Watsons Arrival (1:03)
05. The Bear Riddle (0:46)
06. Library Love/Waxflatters First Flight (2:54)
07. Fencing With Rathe (1:07)
08. The Glass Soldier (3:22)
09. Solving The Crime (4:54)
10. Second Attempt (1:11)
11. Cold Revenge (4:08)
12. Waxflatters Death (3:38)
13. The Hat (1:21)
14. Holmes And Elizabeth Love Theme (1:58)

CD 1 Time: 33:36

Disc 2

01. Getting The Point (6:25)
02. Rame Tep (3:06)
03. Pastries And Crypts (6:44)
04. Discovered By Rathe (5:05)
05. To Cragwitchs (1:32)
06. The Explanation (1:48)
07. Cragwitch Goes Again (1:23)
08. Its You! (6:17)
09. Waxing Elizabeth (3:37)
10. Temple Fire (3:24)
11. Ehtars Escape (Revised Version) (4:04)
12. Duel And Final Farewell (5:41)
13. The Riddles Solved And End Credits (6:27)
14. Ytrairom Spelled Backwards (0:48)

The Extras

15. Main Title (Film Version) (1:42)
16. Belly Dancer (1:02)
17. Waxing Elizabeth (Chorus) (3:01)
18. Waxing Elizabeth (Orchestra) (3:37)
19. Ehtar's Escape (Original Version) (4:03)
20. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (Arr. Bruce Broughton) (1:06)

CD 2 Time: 70:07

Total Time: 105:06

The Man in Half Moon Street

World premiere recordings of film music by Miklos Rozsa, unofficially becoming a 'Volume 4' of his famed Polydor recordings from the seventies, highlighted by lengthy suite from The Man In Half Moon Street, a moody - and rare - 1945 horror/supernatural/film noir meld directed by Ralph Murphy, starring Nils Asther. Rozsa surrounds his music with dark, mysterious and dangerous ideas rooted in his signature film noir vernacular of the era. CD also offers premiere recording of the 'Overture' to Valley Of The Kings (1954), Rozsa's own special arrangement with a newly composed coda, actually intended for fourth Polydor recording that never came to be. Sinewy lines, colorful harmonies and swirling figures abound. Also featured is premiere recording of rare 1942 documentary score Jacare aka 'Killer Of The Amazon', directed by Charles Ford and filmed in Brazil. Picture chronicles travels of two men up the Amazon in search of rare animals for zoos. Rozsa offers rich, colorful music in style of his more familiar score for Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book from that same year. Generous suite from Strange Love Of Martha Ivers finds Rozsa scoring both in darkly gothic manner and richly expressive melodic mode for this classic Lewis Milestone film noir from 1946, starring Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin and 'introducing' Kirk Douglas. Rounding out CD is premiere recording of seven-minute suite from Zoltan Korda 1943 war film Sahara with Humphrey Bogart. Dynamic, previously unrecorded sequence includes not only prelude to score but powerful finale as well, bringing CD of rarities to resounding finish! Allan Wilson conducts Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Latest release in Intrada 'Excalibur Collection' of great film music!

01. Overture 4:53

02. Prelude and Ghostly Prologue 3:25
03. Laboratory 4:20
04. Transition I and Body Is Found 2:49
05. Waltz 2:18
06. Love Theme (Piano: Mike Lang) 3:00
07. Transformation 3:16
08. Finale 2:12

JACAR (1942)
09. Prelude 3:01

10. Prelude / Love Part 1 / Love Part 2 10:41

SAHARA (1943)
11. Suite 7:18