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Bad Days

Posted by Tim Horemans

Added on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bad Days

Joris Hermy's score available on ITunes and Amazon

Joris Hermy's score to Bad Days has been released by Vuguru Tunes on ITunes and Amazon. The animated shorts Bad Days are a creation of Junaid Chundrigar & Davor Bujakovic (Klomp! Animation, The Netherlands). These shorts are a webseries who got the colaboration of mr Stan Lee himself. Flemish composer Joris Hermy has written the scores for all the episodes. Super heroes like Spiderman, Batman, Captain America, The Hulk,... were all in to have a very bad day. The tracks on this release are all mini suites from every episode.

Track list:

01 Stan Lee's Bad Days 0:58
02 Not So Fantastic Four 1:26
03 No Brightest Day 1:06
04 Superdate Suite 1:13
05 Mutants At The Beach 1:01
06 Red and Blue Down the Loo 1:02
07 Capsicle 1:23
08 The Darkish Knight 1:18
09 A Green Day 1:21
10 Assemble the Balls 1:37
11 The Merc with a Mission 1:16
12 Visions of an Old Rat 1:30
13 The Screaming Dead 1:54
14 Trekkin' 1:11
15 The Quest for Fish Food 1:02
16 The Sad Titan 1:25
17 Trials of the Iron Man 1:22
18 The Amazing Spectacular and Ultimate 1:14
19 Briefs of Steel 1:30
20 A Wolf in Japan 1:22
21 Suite Justice 1:24
22 Disassembled Suite 1:36