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3 new releases from Quartet Records

Posted by Tim Horemans

Added on Thursday, December 05, 2013

3 new releases from Quartet Records

Music from Jarre, Rozsa and Holdridge

Quartet Records will be releasing Maurice Jarre's complete score to A Passage to India, Miklos Rozsa's Original score to The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes and a 2CD expanded release of Lee Holdridge's The Beastmaster.

Quartet Records, in collaboration with Tadlow Music and Capitol Records, proudly presents the complete classic score for the last film directed by David Lean, composed by Maurice Jarre, Academy Award winner for Best Original Score in 1985.

David Lean and Maurice Jarre enjoyed a well-established and beloved director/composer relationship even though they made only four films togetherbut what magnificent films and scores they were! The music for Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ryans Daughter and A Passage to India earned Jarre three Oscars, and the scores are among the most recognized and iconic in movie history.

A Passage to India, based on an E. M. Forster novel, is set in India during the 1920sthe height of the British Raj. It explores the thorny question of British-Indian relations through the experience of a young British woman. Jarres score is based primarily on two themes, including one that on the surface is nothing more than a pop-styled foxtrot. The composer develops this material at greater length on the album than in the movie (which contains only about 20 minutes of music)demonstrating a level of sophistication and artistry in keeping with the multi-layered nuances of Leans film.

The album has been expanded by about 20 minutes from the original Capitol release. It features the complete score that Jarre prepared for the film, including many cues that were not used in the final cut (such as the music Jarre composed and recorded for the Marabar Caves sequence), as well as an alternate main title and a lot of exotic Indian music composed by Jarre in the same style as The Man Who Would Be King.

Powerfully performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the composers baton, this release has been fully remixed and mastered from the original 24-track session tapes by Gareth Williams, and we can say that it has never sounded better. Produced by James Fitzpatrick from Tadlow Music for Quartet Records, the package includes a 20-page booklet with liner notes by Frank K. DeWald and James Fitzpatrick. Limited to 1200 copies

Track list

The Complete Score
1. A Passage to India (1:53)
2. The Marabar Caves (3:09)
3. The Bombay March (2:33)
4. Ghosts (0:32)
5. The Temple (5:16)
6. Frangipani / Original Main Title (3:04)
7. Chandrapore (4:29)
8. Adela (4:29)
9. Expectations (2:30)
10. Bicycle Ride (3:30)
11. Climbing the Cliffs (4:00)
12. Nightmare (3:07)
13. Kashmir (2:28)
14. Back to England (2:30)

Bonus Tracks
15. Colonial Club Orchestra (0:54)
16. Himalayan Mountain Horns (0:52)
17. Punjaub March (Charles Payne) (0:27)
18. Procession 1 (1:25)
19. Procession 2 (5:05)
20. Procession 3 (2:37)
21. Procession 4 (1:01)
22. Procession 5 (1:10)

Quartet Records and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer present the world-premiere release of the classy, unforgettable music composed by Mikls Rzsa for Billy Wilders classic The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Wilders unique take on the worlds greatest consulting detective was meant to explore previously dark corners of Homes lifeincluding his addiction to cocaine and his troubled relationships with women. Last-minute studio jitters forced Wilder to make massive cuts, shortening the running time from 210 to 125 minutes. The resulting film, in spite of great performances by Robert Stephens, Colin Blakely, Genevive Page and Christopher Lee, failed to catch fire at the box office.

For music, Wilder turned to his friend and past collaborator (Five Graves to Cairo, The Lost Weekend, Double Indemnity) Mikls Rzsa, asking him to adapt his Violin Concerto, Op. 24, for the film. Rzsa obliged, augmenting the concert work with a number of evocative new themes for the picture. The music for Holmes anticipates the elegant but autumnal mood of such later scores as Providence, Time After Time, Fedora and Last Embrace, while simultaneously combining the compassion and wisdom of experience with the wit, charm and joie de vivre of youth.

The soundtrack album of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes was never issued on LP. Rzsaphiles were thus understandably ecstatic when, in 2007, James Fitzpatrick reconstructed and recorded the entire score for Tadlow Music. That superb recording remains an essential touchstone in the Rzsa discography. Still, fans have continued to hope for a release of the original tracks.

Quartet Records spent almost three years searching for the best possible sources, but the original masters are, unfortunately, forever lost. We have used three different monaural music-only stems from the MGM vaults for this releasenone of which was in ideal condition. Engineer Jose Louis Crespo has minimized the changes in level necessitated by the addition of dialogue and effects and meticulously blended the best sources for each cue. (A tech note included in the booklet explains the lengthy and frustrating process in greater detail.) The resulting CD, in spite of its less-than-ideal sound, preserves the composers own irreplaceable interpretation, bringing this marvelous music back to life more than 40 years after it was written.

All of Mikls Rzsas music is worth preserving. This premiere archival edition of the original tracks of The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, extraordinarily performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the composers baton, was a labor of love for everyone involved. The immortal music of Rzsa deserves nothing less. The lavishly designed package includes a 28-page booklet with liner notes and track-by-track analysis by Frank K. DeWald. Limited tot 1000 copies

Track list

1. Main Titles / 221B Baker Street (4:32)
2. Smoke Machine (0:32)
3. Cocaine (0:52)
4. Watsons Rage (1:17)
5. Being Presumptuous (0:50)
6. Von Tirpitz Appears (1:10)
7. Gabrielle (5:19)
8. No. 32 Ashdown St. (0:25)
9. Canaries (3:39)
10. Diogenes Club (1:34)
11. To Glenahurich (1:12)
12. The Parasol (1:01)
13. Inverness (1:43)
14. Valladon (3:50)
15. Watsons Sighting (1:08)
16. Castles in Scotland (2:59)
17. Urquhart Castle (2:04)
18. After the Monster (2:44)
19. The Monster Strikes (2:01)
20. The Last Act (2:05)
21. Ilse von Hoffmanstal (0:51)
22. A Certain Royal (0:57)
23. Gabrielles Awakening (1:54)
24. Holmes Morse Code (1:00)
25. Eternal Silence (2:13)
26. Farewell / Auf Wiedersehen (3:42)
27. The End End Titles (2:21)

Bonus Tracks
28. Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) (excerpts) (3:38)
29. Balalaika (Swan Lake: Russian Dance) (Tchaikovsky, arr. Rzsa) (1:49)
30. Balalaika (Swan Lake: Dances of the Swans (excerpt) and Russian Dance) (Tchaikovsky, arr. Rzsa) (4:33)
31. Corelli: La Follia Variation 1 (0:41)
32. Corelli: La Follia Variation 2 (1:01)
33. Violin Concerto, Op. 24 (excerpt) (0:37)

Quartet Records, in collaboration with Gruppo Sugar, proudly presents the premiere expanded CD release of Lee Holdridges epic symphonic score from the popular fantasy adventure film directed by Don Coscarelli in 1982.

Recorded in Rome with members of the Orchestra of the Academy of Santa Cecilia and the Radio Symphony, Holdridge provides an incredibly powerful and exciting score dominated by an epic main theme. The score also features a beautiful love theme, fierce action cues, adventure music and dark and mystical passages.

The first score album for The Beastmaster was released by Varse Sarabande in 1983. It was subsequently reissued by CAM Records, and as a promotional album paired with music from Holdridges TV score to Beauty and the Beast. The album underwent some modifications along the waymost notably, the addition of Holdridges dramatic re-write of the climactic The Battle on the Pyramid. It is the revised program that appears here.

Quartets expanded score assembly was created from the surviving first-generation CAM master tapes, vaulted in mint condition at Gruppo Sugar, and differs from both the original album and the music as heard in the film. The assembly features much music that was cut from the film, as well as several alternate takes and compositions. The score is presented in film order, as originally conceived by Holdridge.

Mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the package for this deluxe 2-CD edition includes a 20-page full color booklet with liner notes and track-by-track analysis by John Takis.

Track list

CD 1

The Original Album
1. The Legend of Dar (Main Theme) (1:32)
2. The Horde (The Destruction of Emur) (2:43)
3. A Sword and an Eagle (The Epic Begins) (4:49)
4. Friends of Dar (Suite 1) (3:35)
5. The Pyramid (2:47)
6. Night Journey (Suite 2) (3:56)
7. The Battle on the Pyramid (6:42)
8. A Heros Theme (The Legend of Dar) (2:56)
9. Heroic Friends (4:30)
10. Escape From the Pyramid (2:40)
11. Dars Solitude (1:28)
12. The Great Battle (Dars Triumph) (3:37)
13. The New Kingdom (3:22)

The Film Score
14. The Beastmaster (Seq. 1 - Main Titles) (1:48)
15. The Beastmaster (Seq. 2 - Stealing the Child) (3:12)
16. The Beastmaster (Seq. 3 - The Ritual) (1:36)
17. The Beastmaster (Seq. 4 - A New Father) (1:35)
18. The Beastmaster (Seq. 5 - Juan Raid) (4:21)
19. The Beastmaster (Seq. 6 - Sword and Eagle) (4:41)
20. The Beastmaster (Seq. 7 - Ferret Chase/Quicksand) (2:13)
21. The Beastmaster (Seq. 8 - Captive Panther/Fighting Juns) (2:53)
22. The Beastmaster (Seq. 9 - The Bathing Scene) (1:20)
23. The Beastmaster (Seq. 10 - Dar Pursues Kiri) (5:10)

CD 2

The Film Score
1. The Beastmaster (Seq. 11 - Journey to the City) (1:31)
2. The Beastmaster (Seq. 12 - Sacrifice Thwarted) (4:16)
3. The Beastmaster (Seq. 13 - Death Sentence) (2:16)
4. The Beastmaster (Seq. 14 - Eagle Vision) (2:22)
5. The Beastmaster (Seq. 15 - The Rescue of Kiri) (2:21)
6. The Beastmaster (Seq. 16 - Raft Escape) (4:12)
7. The Beastmaster (Seq. 17 - Into the Pyramid/Corridor Ambush) (1:00)
8. The Beastmaster (Seq. 18 - Stealing the Keys/The Cell) (4:41)
9. The Beastmaster (Seq. 19 - The Escape Begins/The Escape Continues) (2:49)
10. The Beastmaster (Seq. 20 - A Little Late) (1:27)
11. The Beastmaster (Seq. 21 - Outside the Pyramid) (1:34)
12. The Beastmaster (Seq. 22 - Through the Gate/Dar the Outcast) (2:44)
13. The Beastmaster (Seq. 23 - Pyramid Battle, Part I (Alternate) (2:49)
14. The Beastmaster (Seq. 24 - Pyramid Battle, Part II (Alternate) (2:18)
15. The Beastmaster (Seq. 25 - Pyramid Battle, Part III (Alternate) (3:57)
16. The Beastmaster (Seq. 26 - Preparations) (1:48)
17. The Beastmaster (Seq. 27 - The Horde Attacks/The Moat/Dar vs. Jun Leader) (4:48)
18. The Beastmaster (Seq. 28 - The Tide Turns) (1:30)
19. The Beastmaster (Seq. 29 - A New King) (3:24)
20. The Beastmaster (Seq. 30 - Finale) (2:05)
21. The Battle on the Pyramid (Film Version) (6:42)