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Day of the Dead and Black Beauty

Posted by Christian Lavagne

Added on Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Day of the Dead and Black Beauty

LLL releases music by John Harrison and Danny Elfman!

La-La Land Records releases on October 8th 2013 John Harrison's Day of the Dead 2CD Limited Edition and Danny Elfman's Black Beauty!
La-La Land Records and Taurus Entertainment present the remixed, remastered and expanded 2-CD release of composer John Harrisons original motion picture score to George A. Romeros 1985 genre classic DAY OF THE DEAD, starring Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joe Pilato, Richard Liberty and Howard Sherman, and written/directed by George A. Romero. Composer Harrisons driving synth score expertly propels the living dead, while also supporting the main characters emotional and dramatic journeys. Unexpected, but highly effective reggae-like tones and melodic motifs add a unique personality to this beloved genre score. Produced by John Harrison and Ford A. Thaxton, remixed by Michael Farrow and mastered by James Nelson, this deluxe edition of DAY OF THE DEAD, limited to 3000 units, features the film version of the score on Disc One, and the remastered original 1985 soundtrack cues on Disc Two. Exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer Jeff Bond, composer John Harrison and writer/director George A. Romero round out the delightfully ghoulish art design by Mark Banning. 3000 copies available

Track list

1. Day of the Dead Main Title (6:43)
2. Sarah Sees Graves/First Cave Entry (2:25)
3. Zombies Approach/Capturing Zombies (4:05)
4. You Almost Killed Rickles (1:25)
5. Sarah Dopes Miguel (0:48)
6. Wheres Frankenstein?/Bub Scares Sarah/Zombie Spills His Guts (1:21)
7. Steel, Shoot That Woman (1:51)
8. John Warns Sarah/People Got Different Ideas (1:29)
9. Sarah Hallucinates (0:38)
10. Walk to the Ritz/Sarah at the Ritz (2:09)
11. John Lectures (1:16)
12. What Hell Is Like (0:48)
13. Logan Teaching Bub/Bub Learning (2:23)
14. Backwards Chord/Miller Dies (2:17)
15. Miguel Bitten (1:58)
16. Sarah Breaks Down (2:05)
17. Logans Lab/Logans Madness/Beef Treats (4:54)
18. Those Are My Men (1:08)
19. Miguel Decides (0:24)
20. Chopper Cant Hold Us All (3:48)
21. Laugh in the Dark (1:48)
22. Fight to Survive (1:10)
23. Fix it You Cant Fix it/Miguel Lets em In (3:10)
24. Rhodes Leaves His Men Behind/Zombie Overrun (3:41)
25. The End of Steel/Lost in the Caves (3:42)
26. Heroes Escape (1:44)
27. Bub Stalks Rhodes/Zombies Rip Rhodes (2:12)
28. On the Beach (1:17)
Disc One Total Time (63:45)

1. The Dead Suite (19:41)
2. Break Down (3:52)
3. Escape/Invasion (3:56)
4. The Dead Walk (4:49)
5. If Tomorrow Comes* (3:39)
6. The World Inside Your Eyes* (3:38)
Disc Two Total Time (39:41)

La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. and WEA present the latest reamstered and expanded title in our collection of notable scores celebrating Warner Bros. 90th Anniversary the original motion picture score to the 1994 family drama BLACK BEAUTY, starring Sean Bean and David Thewlis, and directed by Caroline Thompson. Lush, gorgeous, but also stirring and strong in spirit, Mr. Elfmans score is much like the films titular creature and is considered to be one of his finest works. This deluxe treatment, expanded to nearly 79 minutes, finally gives this important film score the release it has always warranted. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by James Nelson, this special release, limited to 3000 Units, features attractive art design by Dan Goldwasser and exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer Jeff Bond, with comments from the composer and the films director. A must for all film music enthusiasts! 3000 copies available

Track list

1. Main Titles 2:34
2. Birth (Baby Beauty) 4:41
3. Gang on the Run** / Bye Mum* 4:37
4. Beauty* 1:18
5. Merrylegs 2:03
6. Kicking Up a Storm 1:36
7. Jump for Joy (film version)* 1:02
8. The Rescue* 2:27
9. Sick 3:18
10. Hes Back (Revival) / Frolic 4:00
11. The Fire* 3:42
12. Carriage* (unused) / The Dance / Bye Merrylegs 3:23
13. Goodbye Joe 1:18
14. Ginger Snaps 3:21
15. Wound* 0:52
16. Wild Ride / Dream 2:14
17. Injury* / Job* 2:37
18. Is It Joe? 1:21
19. Black Jack (Mommy)** 1:14
20. Nuns* / In the Country 3:35
21. Poor Ginger! (film version)* 3:50
22. Sick Jerry* 1:58
23. Bye Jerry 1:12
24. Hard Times / Epilogue: Saved (Memories) 5:30
25. End Credits 1:38
Total Score Time 66:10

26. Street Violin* (source) 0:42
27. Bye Mum* (alternate) 0:46
28. Job* (alternate intro) 1:07
29. Is It Joe?* (alternate) 1:21
30. Nuns* (alternate) 0:57
31. Sick Jerry* (alternate) 1:58
32. Jump for Joy (album version) 1:02
33. Poor Ginger! (album version) 4:19
Total Album Time: 78:44

*previously unreleased
** contains previously unreleased material