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The White Dawn & Raging Angels

Posted by Tim Horemans

Added on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The White Dawn & Raging Angels

2 New Intrada releases

Intrada has released Henry Mancini's The White Dawn and Terry Plumeri's Raging Angels. For the 1974 Paramount film The White Dawn, composer Henry Mancini composed one of his most unique scores, creating an engrossing experience that is by turns both lyrical and savage. Woodwinds predominate, with flutes bringing an earthy, mystical quality. He uses reeds, often dissonant and coming from the orchestras lower register, to ominous effect. When bowed strings appear, they usually accompany the character of Daggett, emphasizing his romantic outlook on the world. Brass, when not in a seafaring vein, typically convey aggression and hostility. In addition to the ever-present drums, Mancini makes frequent use of mallet percussion, and enhances the scores dreamlike character with electronics and instruments such as autoharp and waterphone.Two additional themes are of particular importance:the first is a gentle, almost childlike tune that seems to represent innocence and joy and the second is a fragile love theme.

For this release, Intrada had access to the complete score in mono stored in perfect condition and presented here in its debut. Previously only a handful of selections had been rerecorded by Mancini, a selection of which was integrated into the score to The Right Stuff.

Track list

01. Arctic Whale Hunt 3:36
02. Main Title/Your Fathers Ice Floe 6:32
03. Tricky Shaman Pt. I and II 3:09
04. Seal Scope and Little Indian Boy* 3:15
05. The Lesson and Little Indian Boy* 1:31
06. Trek to Warm Buns/A Goose for Daggett* 3:35
07. Eskimo Pie 3:47
08. The Wooly Booger Hornpipe 4:24
09. The Stone Path 1:27
10. The Escape and Home Boys Home 2:21
11. Return to Paradise Pt. I and II 5:32
12. Snow Buns and Native Song and Little Indian Boy* 2:30
13. New Bedford Igloo 0:48
14. Tricky ShamanAct II/Shaman Gets His Rocks Off 1:45
15. Eskimo Wool 1:45
16. Bye Bye Sarkak 1:10
17. Panic Run 0:47
18. Dead Daggett 0:34
19. Old Womans Song (Vocals by Akshooyooliak and Lou Gossett) 1:22
Total Score Time: 50:42

Bonus Tracks
20. Main Title (film version) 2:25
21. The Escape and Home Boys Home (film version) (Vocals by Warren Oates, Timothy Bottoms and Lou Gossett) 2:20
22. Return to Paradise Pt. I and II (film version) (Vocals by Akshooyooliak and Lou Gossett) 5:30
*Contains Little Indian Boy Composed by Henry Mancini and Folkways Records
Total Bonus Time: 10:21

The 1995 horror film Raging Angels is filled with an atmosphere of churning and slashing evil that fights intensely to triumph over the innocence of a teenage couple. The film's foreboding undercurrent inspired composer Terry Plumeri to establish this evil from the opening note of the main title and further escalating this darkness through a gothic and expansive choir, superimposed over rhythmically driven instrumental voices. In contrast to this foreboding environment, Plumeri chose a less complex musical setting for the love theme associated with the characters of Chris and Lila. The accompaniment is string orchestra, with the solo voice of acoustic guitar, beautifully played by Federico Ramos. Another notable performance in the score is that of French actress, Arielle Dombasle (Megan), whose beautiful voice appears performing a traditional demonic incantation from the 15th century.

Track list

01. Main Titles 2:06
02. The Intruder 1:04
03. Chris's Meeting 3:27
04. Sister Kate Asks For Help 1:15
05. Chris's Question 1:39
06. Molech Greets Sister Kate 1:00
07. The Dance Of Darkness 0:48
08. Colin Reveals The Way To Lila 2:10
09. Chris And Lila 1:25
10. An Inner Tornado Brings Voices 1:18
11. A View From Above 1:51
12. To Exorcise The Demonic Need 1:44
13. When Darkness Enters The Room 1:23
14. A Distant Reach For A Lost Touch 1:39
15. Molech's Revenge 2:22
16. Sister Kate Reaches For Chris 1:27
17. The Death Of Grandma Ruth 3:40
18. Retribution And The Final Battle 3:16