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Posted by Arvid Fossen

Added on Friday, September 06, 2013


Composer Steven Price Creates Compellingly Beautiful Score

Award winning composer Steven Price scores Warner Brothers heart pounding thriller Gravity starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Directed by Academy Award nominee Alfonso Cuaron, the film follows two astronauts working together to survive after a disastrous accident wipes out their crew and leaves them adrift in space. The Gravity original motion picture soundtrack will be released digitally by WaterTower Music, September 17 and on CD, October 1st. The film opens October 4, 2013. Price most recently scored the hit comedy The Worlds End, currently in theaters.

British Composer Steven Prices innovative original score was created to serve a uniquely expanded role. With no sound in the vacuum of space, the score provides the soundtrack for the emotion and character of the film while also taking on the role of more traditional sound effects through ever evolving musical sound design. Charged with creating a score to mirror the ambition of Cuarons vision, Price blurs the lines between electronic and organic sounds, incorporating a wide range of elements, from glass harmonicas to string and brass sections, that capture the on-screen emotion while reflecting the vast landscape of the film. To be involved in Alfonsos creative process is to be invited to try anything you can think of and push further than you ever have before. The score didnt need to abide by traditional rules, but it did need to be immersive. As you sit in the theater, the music literally moves around you and seeks to put you within the experience, explained Price. The result is a beautifully intense and evocative score that captures the audiences imagination and carries them through the tension of being lost in space. Gravity premiered to critical acclaim at the Venice Film Festival with screenings also held at the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.

Steven Price is a composer and musician who previously worked as an award winning music editor. Price has written additional music for films including Pirate Radio and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, collaborating with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. Price has also written music for several productions on major UK television networks as well as advertising campaigns in both the UK and the US. His accolades include Film Critics awards for his original Attack the Block score, for which he also received several Film Festival awards.