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New Intrada release

Posted by Tim Horemans

Added on Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Intrada release

Alan Silvestri's Fandango

For the 1985 film Fandango, Alan Silvestri fashioned not only one of his earliest large-scale film scores, but also what remains one of his most dynamic. Like his subsequent score to Back to the Future later that year, the score for Fandango is filled with bristling, yet more serious, action music. Fandango also contains moments of gorgeous transparent tenderness and haunting beauty, making for a diverse score that remains one of Silvestri's finest efforts. The score as heard in the film clocks in at less than 15 minutes, due to much tampering and replacement of the score with pre-existing music. But even the complete score as presented is judiciously spotted, running slightly over 30 minutes. But a powerful journey those 30 minutes are.

For this premiere release, Warner Bros. provided the 2 24-track scoring session master rolls plus virtually all of the studio and engineering session paperwork, allowing for a brand new mix of the entire score in vivid stereo. Every cue Silvestri recorded is included on this CD.

The film stars Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson and Sam Robards as three of the five Groovers, a group of recent University of Texas grads who set off on one last bender to Mexico before being drafted to serve in Vietnam.

Track list

The Album
01. Road Trip 1:41
02. Desert Trek 1:01
03. The Train 2:52 Hear This Track
04. Grave Stone 1:31 Hear This Track
05. Desert Dream 1:51
06. Fatal Fall 0:27
07. Plane Take-Off 6:12 Hear This Track
08. Plane Ride 2:23 Hear This Track
09. Desert Walk 5:00 Hear This Track
10. Fandango (Piano Solo) 1:56
11. Wedding 3:51
12. Dance 2:22
13. Goodbye Friend 2:17 Hear This Track
Total Album Time: 33:47

The Extras
14. Spanish Guitar (Duet) 2:01
15. Wild Percussion 0:26
16. Desert Walk [Alternate] 5:01
Total Extras Time: 7:33