Interview with Jason Graves

24 minutes, Language: English
Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2022-12-09

Jason Graves is a composer who has written music for Video Games, Film and television. He is a two-time British Academy Award-winning composer. He has written music for video games such as Dead Space 1 + 2, Tomb Raider, Moss and Moss: Book II. Recently he has worked on The Dark Pictures Anthology which includes titles such as Man of Medan, Little Hope, House of Ashes and the most recent one The Devil in Me.

Interview with Jason Graves

29 minutes, Language: English
Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2011-01-18

Jason Graves is a British Academy Award-winning composer who has brought his passion for music to video game franchises such as DEAD SPACE (EA), STAR TREK (Bethesda), SILENT HUNTER (Ubisoft) and COMMAND AND CONQUER (EA). His music has become synonymous with unique, cinematic textures combined with modern aesthetics and he is renowned worldwide for his cinematic, immersive and award-winning music. Jason was solely responsible for creating an innovative, unique soundtrack for DEAD SPACE, which has become Electronic Arts' best-selling original title and called 'the scariest game ever made.' Jason's groundbreaking score has been hailed by critics as a 'truly original soundtrack' and 'the best score of the year.' It was recognized with a myriad of worldwide nominations and won two BAFTA awards - one for Original Score and one for Use of Audio. For the latter, the Academy stated, 'It's the music soundtrack that boasts horror and tension.'