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Interview with Chris Tilton

18 minutes, Language: English
Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2008-08-28

Chris Tilton is a Los Angeles based composer who has worked in the film, television, and videogame industry for the past 7 years. In 2001, composer Michael Giacchino took Chris under his wing and he began working as his assistant on the television show Alias. Soon after, Chris began doing additional orchestration on several of Michael's projects, including The Incredibles, The Family Stone, Mission: Impossible III, and most recently Speed Racer. In 2004, Michael wrote the main theme for the video game, Mercenaries, and encouraged Chris to write what was to be his first large orchestral score. Since then, the two collaborated on the main theme for the video game, Black, with Chris writing yet another sizable orchestral score. Beginning in the 4th season of Alias, Chris wrote additional music until the series ended in May of 2006. With this invaluable experience, Chris is undertaking individual projects like The Sunday Man and Mercenaries 2, as well as collaborative projects like Fracture. So we thought it was time to call him up and talk to Chris about his work.