Interview with Yoav Goren

22 minutes, Language: English
Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2012-11-05

Yoav Goren is a composer of Trailer Music. For 20 years now he is at the helm of Immediate Music, the acclaimed Hollywood-based music production company. Immediate was recently honored with the Vanguard Award by the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, in recognition of its success as pioneering producers of trailer music. Goren has also won an Emmy Award for his compositions as featured in NBC's Olympic Games. On October 30th they’ve released the third chapter of the Trailerhead saga: Trailerhead Triumph.

Interview with Yoav Goren

30 minutes, Language: English
Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2008-07-17

Immediate Music is Hollywood's finest in composing trailermusic. They are active for more than 16 years now. Immediate Music is responisble for the trailermusic of Spiderman 3, War of the Worlds, Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, X-men 3 and many more. On july 29 2008 they will release their first commercial album jam packed with a selection of their best music. An album for wich fans are waiting a long time now. Their website will soon have a new look, so reason enough to talk to Yoav Goren, President of Immediate Music.