Interview with composer Jon Altham

20 minutes, Language: English

Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2019-09-17

Jon Altham is a composer of filmmusic. He's based in the UK. He's also the CEO of SoundWave Studios. SoundWave Studios is a Premium Music Production Company which provides bespoke music to film production companies. They have a team of Composers, Orchestrators, Engineers and Producers who are able to provide music across multiple film genres. They cover all aspects of Music Production such as Original Music Composition, Music Supervision, Sync Clearance, Soundtrack Publishing, and Worldwide Soundtrack Distribution to ensure that their film clients receive the highest standard throughout their production process.

Interview Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL

23 minutes, Language: English

Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2015-10-17

Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, is a Grammy nominated and multi platinum producer, musician, and composer whose versatility puts him on the cutting edge of contemporary music, as well as in the vanguard of exciting new film composers. The foundation for this new career was laid in his native Holland where he created multiple film scores. Later he continued to grow under mentor ships of celebrated composers like Harry Gregson Williams (on “Domino” and “Kingdom of Heaven”) and Klaus Badelt (on “Catwoman”). But things really started to fall into place when Tom started collaborating with Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer. As a solo composer he has worked on films such as 300: Rise of an Empire, Divergent, Run All Night and Mad Max: Fury Road. His latest score is Black Mass for director Scott Cooper.

An interview with composer Nathan Furst.

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Language: English

Recorded by John Mansell on 2012-09-22

Exclusive Video Interview with Dynamic Music Partners

Language: English

Recorded by Oscar Flores on 2012-06-04

Dynamic Music Partners talk about their work on Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Justice League, their recent shows including Ben10: Ultimate Alien, Young Justice, and much more.

Produced by: Oscar Flores for Film Music Site.

In the early 90's, a new wave of animated television series reinvigorated the public's interest in cartoons. At the forefront of this revolution was Warner Brothers: the studio that had acquired the rights to the DC Comics' catalog and that had decided to create a new Batman animated series. Music duties for Batman: The Animated Series were given to renowned composer, Shirley Walker, who had assembled a team of young composers to help with the various episodes. Amongst those composers chosen by Walker were Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion and Kristopher Carter, all of whom demonstrated tremendous talent and continued working under her supervision on other shows including Superman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond. Throughout the 90's and early 2000's, all three composers (eventually adopting the name Dynamic Music Partners) scored numerous TV shows, including Teen Titans, The Zeta Project and Legion of Super Heroes. Later they worked on Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Tower Prep and Ben10: Alien Force.

Undoubtedly, the most unique team of composers working in Hollywood, Dynamic Music Partners continues to provide music for some of the most successful animated shows on TV. In March, the animated movie Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens premiered on Cartoon Network. The movie featured music by all three composers. Currently, they are scoring the second season of the popular show Young Justice.

Earlier this year, La La Land Records released the limited edition soundtrack to the dramatic/ thriller 'Broke Sky,' scored by Michael, Lolita, and Kristopher. In April, Kristopher Carter had the honor of being guest lecturer at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Last month, Lolita Ritmanis attended the All-Latvia Youth Honor Choir Festival in Saldus, Latvia to hear the performance of her song 'Mana Sirdi' (lyrics by poet Mara Zalite). On May 29th, the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles presented their new show, 'Time's Up,' featuring music by Michael McCuistion. This is a full production shown in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium.

Dynamic Music Partners will also take part in the first edition of PlayFest Úbeda, the Festival of Music, Animation, and Video Games to be held in Úbeda, Spain from July 23rd through the 29th. Not only will they perform their music, but they will also take part in the workshops and panel discussions.

Our very own Editor-In-Chief, Oscar Flores, said that the opportunity to do a video interview with his favorite composers was a remarkable and very unique experience. He wants to thank Lolita, Michael, and Kris for their time, patience, and help. Finally, a very special thank you goes to the very talented director and editor of this video, Brandon Perna.

More information: DMP Soundtracks:

Video Clips courtesy of The Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Pictures courtesy of Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter, Michael McCuistion and Dan Goldwasser (

Interview with Imran Ahmad

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Language: English

Recorded by John Mansell on 2012-04-01

Imran Ahmad is a British-Indian Film Composer and Music Producer based in London, U.K. His music has been broadcast on UK and international television (BBC, Channel 4) and commercially released worldwide (UK, USA & Japan). Imran recently composed the music to a zombie feature film set in West Africa - The Dead, which screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. It will have its theatrical world premiere in Autumn 2011. He has also composed music for several documentaries, notably multi-award winning Mayomi which is an intimate portrait of a young woman's struggle in post-tsunami Sri Lanka. Imran is co-director and producer of 4Dio, a multimedia company creating 'audio movies' - produced with full theatrical performance, film music and sound design.

Interview with Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco

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Language: English

Recorded by Oscar Flores on 2011-09-08

Sascha Dikiciyan and Cris Velasco have formed one of the most successful collaborations in the composing world. Together, the two have collaborated on numerous video game titles including Mass Effect 2, Tron: Evolution, Borderlands, Dark Messiah, Splinter Cell 4, Beowulf, Haze, Hellgate: London, Mortal Kombat vs DC, Prototype, GI Joe, John Woo’s Stranglehold and the just released Space Marine. Originally from Berlin, Germany, Sascha Dikiciyan (Sonic Mayhem) has been working in the video game world since the ‘90s and is well known from his first projects like James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies and Quake II. Cris Velasco (Monarch Audio), graduated from UCLA and started his career working as an orchestrator. In 2003 he was asked to provide music for the Battlestar Galactica video game.

Interview Doug Adams

24 minutes, Language: English

Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2010-09-23

Doug Adams, a Chicago based author and musicologist, was invited in 2001 by Howard Shore to observe and document his work on Peter Jackson’s motion picture trilogy. Adams attended recording sessions, examined the original scores, and was given complete access to the composer’s archives. As an acknowledged authority on Howard Shore’s music, Adams has become a regular fixture at concerts and events across the globe. He runs the popular blog,, which documents his work on this project and brings fans together in ongoing discussions. The 416-page full-color volume features a Foreword by Howard Shore, an Introduction by The Lord of the Rings screenwriter/producer Fran Walsh, original sketches by John Howe and Alan Lee, and numerous images from the films. Also included in the book, courtesy of Howe Records, is “The Lord of the Rings: The Rarities Archive” a CD presenting 21 tracks of previously unreleased music created for the films, and an audio interview with Howard Shore.

Interview Mark Kilian

16 minutes, Language: English

Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2008-08-31

Kilian began as an assistant for composer Christopher Young. Mark spent almost 3 years with Chris during which period he worked on many big films as electronic score producer and composer's assistant. Some of them include Species, Copycat, Virtuosity and Hard Rain. In 1997 Mark scored his first film, Lovergirl starring Sandra Bernhard. Mark has worked as orchestrator, arranger and conductor for Paul Oakenfold, Rob D and Juno Reactor on the Matrix: Reloaded film. His special affinity for percussive music led fellow composer Christophe Beck to hire him to record and produce the electronically manipulated percussion element of the score for Elektra. In 2004 Mark went to South Africa to score Tsotsi for writer-director Gavin Hood along with South African composer Paul Hepker. The film won the 2005 Academy Award for best foreign film. Mark and Paul went on to score Gavin’s next film Rendition, traveling to Morocco and South Africa to research and record the music. They also scored The Bird Can’t Fly, a Dutch-South African co-production. In 2007 Mark traveled to India to record the music for Santosh Sivan’s Before the Rains. He also wrote the music for Michael Skolnik’s award winning documentary Without the King which was recorded in South Africa. Mark just has scored Traitor, a thriller starring Don Cheadle and Guy Pierce.

Interview Andrew Lockington

15 minutes, Language: English

Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2008-06-25

Toronto born film composer Andrew Lockington is establishing himself as one of Hollywood's newest sought after composers. Before he was established, he assisted and collaborated with another Canadian native turned Hollywood composer Mychael Danna, but Andrew has completely come into his own. Andrew Lockington's newest project is New Line Cinema's live-action 3D feature, 'Journey to the Center of the Earth.' This film is based more on the original novel than the 1959 feature. Andrew chose not to listen to the 1959 score by Oscar winner Bernard Herrmann to maintain his own unique musical voice. He did incorporate a full orchestra with over 80 musicians into his score which runs over an hour.

Interview Robert Townson

52 minutes, Language: English

Recorded by Tim Horemans on 2008-04-03

Robert Townson is a worldwide known filmmusic producer at Varese Sarabande. This year Varese celebrates their 30th aniversary and we at thought that it was time to talk to the man who has released almost 1000 soundtracks.