Wendy Melvoin
Residence: United States of America
Official site: Wendy and Lisa
Biography: (Updated 2010-01-22)

Wendy Melovin and Lisa Coleman, commonly known as “Wendy & Lisa”, are a musical composing duo based in Los Angeles. Originally known for their 1980’s rock career alongside Prince and the Revolution, Wendy & Lisa have been composing for feature films and television since 1995’s box office hit, “Dangerous Minds”. Year after year they have set a successful track record scoring films such as “Soul Food”, “The Third Wheel”, television series “Crossing Jordan”, “Nurse Jackie” and most notably the Emmy-nominated NBC series “Heroes”.
Since their breakout work in “Dangerous Minds” the duo have gone on to win four ASCAP Awards for Top TV Series (Heroes, Crossing Jordan and Carnivale) and Top Box Office Films (Dangerous Minds) and a 2006 Black Reel Award for Best Original Score for “Something New”.
Wendy & Lisa were childhood friends, both from musical families which often performed together; Wendy’s father, Mike Melovin, was an in-demand session musician and was president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) in the 1980’s, while Lisa’s father, Gary L. Coleman was also a popular session musician for jazz artists. Although Wendy handles acoustic and electric guitar, she is also credited with playing bass guitar, harmonica, oud, tamboora, drums and congas. In addition, Lisa mainly plays piano and keyboard, however is credited with also playing the harmonica, drum, acoustic guitar, harmonium and hurdy gurdy.
Apart from their composing career, Wendy & Lisa are often sought out for their song writing and collaboration skills. Together or separately, they have collaborated on albums by Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Neil Finn, Joni Mitchell, Seal and Grace Jones and more.
Currently, Wendy & Lisa continue to compose for “Heroes”, “Nurse Jackie” and have taken on a new NBC drama titled “Mercy”. Their full-length score soundtrack to “Heroes” titled “Heroes: Original Score” was released in April 2009 nationwide in stores and online, which includes Wendy & Lisa’s opening theme score and compositions for each of the show’s main characters. Album reviews state, “their confident use of sounds and instruments from across the globe help the album to work as music to listen to, not just a soundtrack to collect.”