Sam Hulick
Residence: United States of America
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Biography: (Updated 2011-04-22)

Sam Hulick is a multi-award winning and BAFTA award-nominated composer who began his voyage into the world of video games at the tender age of six, with his Bally Arcade console, later graduating to a ColecoVision. He turned to computer games during middle school and by high school he had progressed to his earliest compositions with a keyboard he had been gifted.

Sam grew up in a home designed and built by his father, a geodesic dome located in a wooded area of Bloomington, Indiana. He benefited greatly from living in a creative and musically inclined household, with full access to his father’s music studio with both electronic and acoustic instruments. After attending Indiana University, he entered the work force as a computer programmer and administrator, which he enjoyed initially, though in time he felt the pangs of a different calling: to combine his passions for video games and writing music, and pursue a career as a video game composer.

In 2003 Sam landed his first professional gig, writing music for Tommy Tallarico for the Capcom title Maximo vs. Army of Zin. He spent subsequent years working on smaller projects and honing his skills, but his big break came in 2007, when he was brought on to co-write the critically acclaimed score for Mass Effect alongside Jack Wall. He penned various memorable pieces such as the main theme, “From the Wreckage,” “Sovereign’s Theme,” “Victory,” “Uplink,” and many more. When production began on the highly anticipated Mass Effect 2, he was again tapped for his adept skill of inventive blending of analog synths with symphonic orchestra. The composers crafted a suitably darker and more cinematic musical experience to complement the heavier subject matter contained in the sequel.

After enjoying the collaborative process on the Mass Effect franchise, in 2010 Sam branched out and signed his first contract as sole composer, writing ninety minutes of classical-influenced orchestral score for Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. Tripwire Interactive chose Sam for his innate ability to inject powerful emotion into his music and create memorable themes that stand the test of time.

In his leisure time, Sam enjoys photography, good food, cooking and, of course, gaming. He currently resides in Chicago and has a close-knit group of family and friends.