2015Sidney Rittenberg Looks Back (video)
2014Challenging Heaven
2014Cisza nad rozlewiskiem (series)
2009Milosc na wybiegu
2007Britz (television)
2007Tajemnica twierdzy szyfrów (series)
2005Tango z aniolem (series)
2005Egypt (series)
2005Separate Lies
2004Pretending to Be Judith (television)
2002Extreme Ops
2002Stranded (television)
2001Strictly Sinatra
2001The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells (series)
2000The Prince and the Pauper (television)
1999The Clandestine Marriage
1999An Evil Streak (series)
1998Showgirl Stories (television)
1998Crime and Punishment (television)
1998Thunder Point (television)
1997Awantura o Basie (series)
1997Shooting Fish
1997Windsor Protocol (television)
1997Russia's War: Blood Upon the Snow (series)
1996Une trop bruyante solitude
1996True Blue
1995Awantura o Basie
1995Safe Haven
1995Kidnapped (television)
1995The Choir (series)
1993You, Me and It (series)
1993Yankee Zulu
1992Police Secrets (series)
1992Papierowe malzenstwo
1992Stalin (television)
199130 Door Key
1991A Woman at War (television)
1990Marcowe migdaly
1990Chillers (series)
1989The Adventures of William Tell (video)
1988The Lair of the White Worm
1987Crossbow (series)
1986The Fantasist
1985The Holcroft Covenant
1985L'amour braque
1985La part des choses
1980Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (series)
1977Oczy uroczne (television)