Released Title
1949L'inconnu d'un soir
1949Beloved of the World
1947While the Sun Shines
1947The Turners of Prospect Road
1947A Man About the House
1946Beware of Pity
1945Johnny in the Clouds
1944Her Man Gilbey
1943It's Just the Way It Is
1943Glorious Colours
1943At Dawn We Die
1943Adventure for Two
1941Quiet Wedding
1937The Jester
1936Guilty Melody
1936Disk 413
1936Catherine the Last
1936Barátságos arcot kérek
1935Viereinhalb Musketiere
1935Little Mother
1932Gitta entdeckt ihr Herz
1931The Big Attraction
1931Der brave Sünder