2017Voice from the Stone
2017Patient Zero
2017Untitled 'The Goldbergs' Spin-off (television)
2017A Symphony of Hope
2017Imaginary Mary (series)
2016Underworld: Blood Wars
2015Bloodborne (video game)
201413 Sins
2013The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia
2013The Goldbergs (series)
2013The Last Exorcism Part II
2012Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (video)
2012Twisted Metal (video game)
2011Breaking In (series)
2011Drive Angry
2010Singularity (video game)
2010Boston's Finest (television)
2010Piranha 3D
2009My Bloody Valentine
2009Ben 10: Alien Swarm (television)
2009Spectacular! (television)
2009Ana's Playground
2008Punisher: War Zone
2008Never Back Down
2008Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (video game)
2007The Killing Floor
2007Man of Two Havanas
2006Enemies (series)
2006South Beach (series)
2006Over the Hedge (video game)
2005Cry Wolf
2005Madagascar (video game)
2005Night Stalker (series)
2004Crimes of Fashion (television)
2003From Justin to Kelly
2003I Was an Atomic Mutant (video game)
2002She Spies (series)
2001Max Keeble's Big Move
2001On the Borderline
2001Ultrawheels: Street Jam (video game)
2001Te wu mi cheng
2000Farewell, My Love
1999Freestyle: The Victories of Dan Gable
1999Shattered Reality (video game)
1998With or Without You
1998Modern Vampires (television)
1997The Interview
1997Tokyo Pig (series)
199626 Summer Street
1996Street Gun
1994Jui kuen II
1993Chao ji ji hua
1992Seong lung wui
1986Lung hing foo dai