Released Title
2019Machu Picchu
2019I Am Somebody's Child: The Regina Louise Story
2019American Son
2018Trick Or Treat Trek
2018Train Story/Arooga Adventure!
2018The Fallen Tree
2018Maple's Sand Stand/Fig's New Clothes
2018Hedge's Butterfly Safari/Hopscotch Highway
2018Ginkgo's Treasure/Power Play
2017The Nature of Friendship/The Ship Shop
2017Spring-a-ling Surprise
2015Stick Is Sick/Things That Go Gourd in the Night
2015Snowflake Dance/The Tinsel Tree Topper
2015Okra's Sweater/Stick's Meshroom Mansion
2015Magic Mirror/A Rainbow in My Room
2015Lady Ganga: Nilza's Story
2015Gourd Gets Stuck/The Swing of Things
2015Figamajig/Camping It Up
2014Woohoo Kazoo!/Hide and Seek
2014The Swimming Hole/Bucket of Mud
2014The Lost Spyglass/Fig's Breakfast Surprise!
2014On a Roll!/Popcorn Picture Show
2014Moving Art: Oceans
2014Loopy Straw/Tumble Leaf Parade
2014Icy Igloo/The Big Dig
2014Fig's Speedy Sled/Parachute Play
2014Fig Flies a Kite/Missing Muffin
2014Fig Blends In!/Twirling Top
2014Bedtime Story/A Treasure Hunt
2013Shiny Coins/Fig Finds a Shadow
2012Caroline and Jackie
2011Shouting Secrets
2010The Damage Done