2018The Price of Everthing
2017Gypsy (series)
2017An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power
2017A Symphony of Hope
2017The Long Road Home (series)
2017Shock and Awe
2017The Putin Interviews (series)
2016Telescope (television)
2016The Good Breast
2016The Sweet Life
2016James Turrell: You Who Look
2015The Dovekeepers (series)
2015Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise (television)
2015The Champions
2014A Day Late and a Dollar Short (television)
2014And the Oscar Goes To... (television)
2014Lichdom: Battlemage (video game)
2014Big Driver (television)
2013He's Way More Famous Than You
2013The Battle of Amfar
2013The Hyperglot
2013When I Walk
2013House of Cards (series)
2013The Guide
2013Spirit of the Marathon II
2012The Queen of Versailles
2012The Newsroom (series)
2012GCB (series)
2012Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (television)
2012Hello Herman
2012Little Red Wagon
2011Last Call at the Oasis
2011Wilde Salomé
2011Beyond the Blackboard (television)
2011Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost (television)
2011Thank You for Judging
2011Luck (series)
2010Jesse Stone: No Remorse (television)
2010Once Fallen
2009Loving Leah (television)
2009Living the Legacy: The Untold Story of Milton Hershey School (television)
2009Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (television)
2009A Dog Named Christmas (television)
2009Georgia O'Keeffe (television)
2009The Kinda Sutra
2008The Deal
2008James Castle: Portrait of an Artist
2008Flirting with Forty (television)
2008Who Do You Love
2008The Russell Girl (television)
2007The Valley of Light (television)
2007The Pixar Story
2007Where God Left His Shoes
2007The Beauty of Ugly Betty (television)
2007Spirit of the Marathon
2007Walking with Buddha
2007He Was a Quiet Man
2007The Company (series)
2007The Beautiful World of Ugly Betty (television)
2007Jesse Stone: Sea Change (television)
2007Ping Pong Playa
2006Ugly Betty (series)
2006Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise (television)
2006Hide & Seek
2006Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King (series)
2006Pinochet in Suburbia (television)
2006The Water Is Wide (television)
2006Jesse Stone: Night Passage (television)
2006A Perfect Day (television)
2006The Situation
2005Rome (series)
2005Medium (series)
2005Stone Cold (television)
2005The Engagement Ring (television)
2005Emmanuel's Gift
2004The Wool Cap (television)
2004In the Realms of the Unreal
2004Trace Evidence: The Case Files of Dr. Henry Lee (series)
2004Ike: Countdown to D-Day (television)
2004Back When We Were Grownups (television)
2004It Must Be Love (television)
2004The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan (television)
2003Twelve Mile Road (television)
2003Carnivàle (series)
2002Joe and Max (television)
2002No Distance Too Far
2002A Gentleman's Game
2002The Secret Life of Zoey (television)
2002Door to Door (television)
2002Endgame: Ethics and Values in America (television)
2002Conviction (television)
2002Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion
2002No Good Deed
2002Crazy Jones
2002Monk (series)
2002A Work in Progress
2000Mambo Café
1999Family Law (series)
1999The Passion of Ayn Rand (television)
1999Harlem Aria
1998L.A. Doctors (series)
1998The Get
1998From the Earth to the Moon (series)
1997Lies He Told (television)
1997Nothing Sacred (series)
1996First Love, Second Planet
1996Love Is All There Is
1996Power 98
1996Undue Influence (television)
1994The Fence
1994Jonathan Stone: Threat of Innocence (television)
1994Ring of Steel
1994Lookin' Italian
1988Cheap Shots
1988P.O.V. (series)