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First Love

Cinematic Soundscapes 17/06/2022 Herunterladen
Film Filmfreigabe: 2022

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# Spur   Dauer
1.First Love (Opening Titles)1:47
2.A Family Tradition1:28
3.Separation of Employment1:16
4.Love at First Sight1:36
5.Keep It1:56
6.A Friend from School0:31
7.He Is Different1:28
8.She Lost Hope2:06
11.Couldn't Be Brighter1:03
13.Big Changes2:06
14.A Funeral1:39
15.What's Your Advice1:08
16.Empty House2:04
17.Mother of the Never Setting Sun1:39
18.Leaving the House1:34
19.Of Course It Is0:48
20.I Don't Hate You1:04
21.I Wanna Help1:12
22.Meeting Again0:57
23.I Love You Too1:51
24.I Just Want Things to Be Different2:04
25.Tear in the Lung1:16
27.Do You Have One More1:43
28.I Won't Give Up on Her1:06
32.Let's Not Worry for Once1:25
33.Happiness (End Credits)2:30
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