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Mr. Atlas

Film | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 09/06/2010 | Filmfreigabe: 1997 | Format: CD
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# Spur   Dauer
1.Fanfare And Opening0:41
2.Mr. Atlas Main Title Theme1:06
3.The Ride Home2:44
4.I’ll Bet It’s The Way He Smells1:36
5.Legend Has It A Giant Sleeps There1:55
6.Danny’s Discovery In The Cave6:53
7.The Invitation1:18
8.A Day In Town1:01
9.A Clouded Mind Only Shadows The Heart1:03
10.Your Chariot Moves Without Horses1:47
11.Danny And Gus In The Barn0:51
12.Looking For Horses1:15
13.The Joy Of Being Followed1:13
14.Mr. Atlas To The Rescue2:09
15.A Season For Everything2:18
16.Fun In The Park1:01
17.Wilshire And Phil Discover The Gold3:19
18.Love In The Afternoon1:58
19.A Fast Jeep And A Rough Road1:56
20.I Am Atlas, Son Of Iapetus2:54
21.The Tear That Gives Life1:06
22.Just Say, "Hey Dude, And I’ll Be Back"4:06
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World premiere of unusual fantasy/adventure pic, directed by Karen Arbeeny, starring Diederik van Nederveen, Timothy Bottoms, Laura Johnson, T.J. Lowther. Impressive Utah locations help inspire Terry Plumeri to write large-scale symphonic score for story of boy who falls into cave, unleashes 2000 year old hero. Broad, heroic main theme in major anchors, balanced by propulsive action cues, expressive secondary theme. Terry Plumeri conducts Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.

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