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20th Anniversary Edition

La-La Land Records 28/11/2017 CD - 5000 Kopien
Film Filmfreigabe: 1997

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# Spur   Dauer
Score Presentation
1.Logo / Main Title2:28
2.2 1/2 Miles Down10:33
3.To the Keldysh / Rose Revealed1:43
4.Distant Memories2:24
5.My Drawing / Relics & Treasures1:52
7.Leaving Port3:27
8.Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch4:31
9.First Sighting / Rose’s Suicide Attempt3:05
10.Jack Saves Rose1:42
11.The Promenade / Butterfly Comb2:40
13.The Portrait1:58
14.Lovejoy Chases Jack and Rose2:24
16.Hard to Starboard (Extended Version)7:42
17.Rose Frees Jack2:41
# Spur   Dauer
Score Presentation (continued)
1.A Building Panic (Film Version)7:25
2.Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave3:56
3.Trapped on “D” Deck8:46
4.Murdoch’s Suicide0:37
5.The Sinking5:06
6.Death of Titanic8:25
7.A Promise Kept6:03
8.A Life so Changed2:14
9.A Woman’s Heart Is a Deep Ocean of Secrets1:43
10.An Ocean of Memories8:00
# Spur   Dauer
Additional Music and Alternates
1.Never an Absolution3:06
3.The Portrait (Album Version)4:43
4.Logo (Alternate Extended Version)2:10
5.2 1/2 Miles Down (Alternate)1:36
6.Southampton (Alternate)3:05
7.Leaving Port (with Alternate Ending)3:00
8.Leaving Port (Alternate)2:15
9.Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch (Alternate)4:29
10.Rose (Alternate)2:58
11.Piano Theme / The Portrait5:00
12.Lovejoy Chases Jack (Alternate)1:55
13.Hard to Starboard (Alternate)6:50
14.A Building Panic (Album Suite)8:05
15.Death of Titanic (Alternate)8:29
16.A Promise Kept (Alternate)4:32
17.Hymn to the Sea6:26
# Spur   Dauer
Source music (performed by I Salonisti, by Gaelic Storm, by William Ross)
1.Valse Septembre3:43
2.Marguerite Waltz2:34
3.Wedding Dance2:30
4.Poet and Peasant6:48
5.Blue Danube6:55
6.Song Without Words2:37
8.Oh, You Beautiful Doll2:12
9.Blarney Pilgrims2:11
10.John Ryan’s Polka2:53
11.Kesh Jig1:59
12.Drowsy Maggie Dance1:22
13.Come Josephine in My Flying Machine1:46
14.The Merry Widow1:30
15.Méditation de Thaïs4:25
16.Vision of Salome2:42
17.Titsy Bitsy Girl1:35
18.Alexander’s Ragtime Band2:28
22.Song of Autumn3:53
23.Nearer My God to Thee (Extended Version)3:14
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