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The Beau Hunks Play The Original Laurel & Hardy Music

Basta Audio-Visuals 03/02/2009 Herunterladen

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Marvin Hatley Speaks / Ku-Ku0:51
2.On to the Show0:51
3.Smile When the Raindrops Fall2:19
5.Honolulu Baby2:41
6.Rockin' Chair1:06
7.Colonial Gayeties1:36
8.On a Sunny Afternoon2:27
9.We're Out for Fun0:49
10.I Wake Up With a Song1:32
11.Sunflower Waltz2:28
12.The Moon and You2:17
13.Dash and Dot1:08
14.The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia) / At the Ball, That's All3:36
15.Here We Go0:58
16.You Are the One I Love2:06
17.Look at Him Now1:22
18.Shine On, Harvest Moon2:47
19.Stage-Coach Conversation1:29
21.The Curse of an Aching Heart3:24
22.I'm Disgusted / The Frolic of the Lambs / The Donkey's Ears2:42
23.Let Me Call You Sweetheart0:52
24.Hold Out Your Hand1:31
25.The Mad Ku-Ku1:36
26.In the Good Old Summertime1:01
# Spur   Dauer
1.Laugh I0:22
4.We're Just a Happy Family1:21
5.Give Us a Hand0:54
6.Candy, Candy1:20
7.If It Were Only True2:12
8.You Are the Ideal of My Dreams3:35
9.Laugh II0:11
11.In My Canoe1:50
12.Blue Blue1:33
13.Change My Clothes0:59
15.Grab the Deed3:27
16.Dog Song1:12
17.Let's Go1:22
18.Nothing At All0:37
19.It is to Laugh1:04
20.Little Dancing Girl1:08
21.Your Piktur0:28
22.The One I Love Best2:22
23.Hide and Go Seek1:18
24.Window Shade2:29
25.I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls4:25
26.Good Old Days2:33
27.Jazz Wedding March0:31
28.Shield Suspense Medley6:12
29.Beautiful Lady1:12
31.Ah! 'Tis Love1:08
33.Dear, With Me2:49
34.Fliver Flops0:58
35.Just Dreaming of You1:44
38.Lazy Moon, Come Out Soon2:12
39.Laugh III0:17
40.Gangway Charlie1:34
42.The Old Spinning Wheel1:00
43.The Ice Man0:56
44.Laugh IV0:24
45.Riding Along1:25
47.Steppin' Along With a Song2:34
48.Emmet's Lullaby2:33
49.On to the Show0:45
50.The Awakening2:17
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