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Il Baco da seta
The Silkworm

CAM Records 28/11/2016 Herunterladen
Film Filmfreigabe: 1974

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Il Baco Da Seta (Titoli)1:34
2.Il Baco Da Seta (Furto Di Gioielli)1:42
3.Il Baco Da Seta (Shake)2:44
4.Il Baco Da Seta (Smeralda Amadier)1:44
5.Il Baco Da Seta (Sospetti)6:13
6.Il Baco Da Seta (Atmosfera Elegante)3:30
7.Il Baco Da Seta (Una Donna Nei Guai)1:32
8.Il Baco Da Seta (Shake)4:24
9.Il Baco Da Seta (Bossa Castiglioncello)3:30
10.Il Baco Da Seta (Indagini)2:39
11.Il Baco Da Seta (Piano Nostalgia)1:32
12.Il Baco Da Seta (Azione)1:02
13.Il Baco Da Seta (Cocktail)0:49
14.Il Baco Da Seta (Barocco Elettronico)1:07
15.Il Baco Da Seta (Un Martini, Un Sorriso)2:36
16.Il Baco Da Seta (Grottesco Buffo)1:40
17.Il Baco Da Seta (Tristezza Di Smeralda)1:26
18.Il Baco Da Seta (Shake Allegria)2:53
19.Il Baco Da Seta (Finale)1:53
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Mario Bertolazzi composed a main score in music-hall style for Smeralda, the failed singer in the film, which is repeated with instrumental variations and also a vocal French version. The leitmotif is alternated with high-tension music typical of giallo films, electronic atmospheres, lounge songs you might hear at a cocktail party, and a danceable shake that seems to tastefully wink at famous American colleagues like Quincy Jones, Lalo Schifrin and Henry Mancini. This excellent OST has been released in its complete version on CD for the first time ever, using the master tapes in full stereo from the original recording session.

Smeralda Amadier is a former French singer who lives in Italy in Castiglioncello. She has serious economic problems and is not able to pay her creditors, who threaten to accuse her of fraudulent bankruptcy. One morning she discovers her jewels, which were her last hope to pay her debts, were stolen out of the safe where she was keeping them. Police commissioner Guarneri arrives at the scene and scrupulously starts his investigation. Among the suspects are Smeralda’s sister Ivonne, Smeralda’s lawyer and administrator Planger, the secretary Marcelle, former lover and leech Didier, and in particular Kostas, a young student from Greece who has a habit of making beautiful women take care of him and who had been at Smeralda’s house the night before. In reality, the Greek student was just a pawn in Smeralda’s plan to get the money from the insurance. So when Kostas comes back to get his part of the money, Smeralda kills him and convinces an obliging Guarneri that she had to do it in self-defense.

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