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Agent Cody Banks

First Born Records (3418155864508)
Film | Freigegeben: 2003 | Filmfreigabe: 2003 | Format: CD

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Main Title1:59
2.Toddler Driven Car0:39
3.Skateboard Stunt1:57
4.The Nanobots Presentation / A Drink For The Director2:30
5.Last Transmission0:59
6.Agent Development Program0:44
7.Stutter Boy0:28
8.Call To Duty / The Handler2:21
9.The Briefing0:43
10.In The CIA Lab2:12
11.Arrival At Donovan Academy0:22
12.Target Acquired0:27
13.Fantasy Fight / Electrified0:44
14.Natalie And Cody / Driver's Education1:14
15.Meet Mr. Yip1:34
16.Mr. Yip Is Furious0:50
17.Sparring Match With Ronica1:33
18.House Cleaning Team2:20
19.Called Out0:13
20.Dog Walk0:57
21.Calling Natalie0:47
22.The Dating Experts / Virtual Woman2:35
23.Life Saver1:00
24.Cody Clumsy / Invitation / The Nurse1:32
25.Drive To The Party0:43
26.At The Gate0:59
27.Roulette / Brinkman Arrives1:45
28.Laboratory Break-In4:14
29.Laboratory Break-Out2:57
30.Pool Fight / Cover Blown1:55
31.The Thermo Lab / Natalie Visits1:29
32.In The Restaurant / Kitchen Fight1:40
33.CIA Farewell1:04
34.Natalie Is Traced / Cody's Recruit3:02
35.The Seaplane1:18
36.Snowboard Ignition0:33
37.The Snowmobile Chase2:46
38.Ronica's Flyer / Entering The Cascade Mountains Base3:54
39.Escape Attempt2:17
40.Natalie Is Saved / The End Of Dr. Brinkman / Helicopter Escape7:49
41.Final Confrontation2:03
42.Hero's Homecoming2:11
43.End Credits4:36
44.Ronica's Theme1:30
Bonus Track
45.Theme from Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London1:54
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