2 Days in the Valley / Raggedy Man

Film | Freigegeben: 2001 | Format: CD

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# Spur   Dauer
2 Days in the Valley Rejected Score
1.Main Theme2:29
2.Suicidal Teddy0:53
4.Roy's Last Minute2:35
6.Terminating Pizzo2:12
7.Poolbathing Pitbull0:37
8.Unexpected Visitor0:49
9.Dosmo's Theme1:50
11.Rude Awakening0:55
12.Becky Meets the Vice0:34
13.The Cemetary4:15
14.Audrey and Bogey1:55
15.The Arrival1:14
16.Questions in the Valley1:52
17.Becky and Helga1:14
18.Lotus/The Suspension Note3:08
19.The Valley Cops Get Killed3:26
20.Hostage Negotiating0:42
21.Helga's Last Minute2:46
22.Street Convergence/The Shootout3:50
23.Death of the Villain0:38
24.Teddy Visits Audrey0:39
25.Susan and Dosmo0:47
26.Trying It0:42
Raggedy Man
28.Main Title3:37
29.Henry and Harry5:13
30.Number Please4:37
31.The Kite4:42
33.Mexican Tune3:00
34.The End of Calvin3:55
35.End Title2:19
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