Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Original Wii Game soundtrack

Spiel-Soundtrack | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 18/05/2010 | Format: Herunterladen

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Sacrifice (Prince's Theme)2:24
2.The Stranded Castle0:53
3.The Ancient Halls of Izdihar2:10
4.Taking the High Road1:27
5.Breaking the Seal (Sorceress' Theme)2:18
6.Clear as a Sandstorm1:37
7.Tortured Souls1:46
8.Ambush In the Caves1:16
9.Warriors of the Haoma1:20
10.Interlude I0:48
11.The Menagerie of Legends1:51
12.At the Palace Gates2:07
13.The Peri (Zahra's Theme)3:41
15.Challenge of the Beasts1:17
16.Interlude II0:41
17.Water Bearer1:00
18.The Dead City1:46
19.Chase Through the Palace1:19
20.Roaring Fire, Lingering Smoke2:00
21.Augur of Malice1:23
23.Falling Apart1:09
24.Regret (Nasreen's Theme)1:00
25.Interlude III0:58
26.Harbinger of the Gods2:56
27.Lord of the Sea1:59
28.No End in Sight1:16
29.Dance of the Veil1:22
30.Mah's Void1:29
31.Sacred Ascent4:02
32.The Earth Mother1:56
33.Defying the Haoma0:53
34.Final Confrontation4:44
35.Loss (Prince's Theme)0:54
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