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Title of show
2006 Original Off-Broadway Cast

Musical | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 25/07/2006 | Format: CD, Herunterladen

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Untitled Opening Number 
2.Two Nobodies In New York - Original Cast 
3.An Original Musical - Original Cast 
4.Monkeys and Playbills 
5.The Tony Award Song 
6.Part of it All 
7.I Am Playing Me 
8.What Kind of Girl is She? 
9.Die Vampire, Die! 
10.Filling Out The Form - Original Cast 
11.September Song - Original Cast 
12.Secondary Characters 
13.A Way Back to Then 
14.Nine People's Favorite Thing 
16.Bonus Track: (title of show) 
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The mysteriously monickered [title of show] turned into an unlikely—but well-deserved—Off-Broadway hit in 2006. A large part of the show's appeal is that it's a true Broadway geekfest. It tracks the songwriting team of Jeff and Hunter as they attempt to come up with a musical very, very quickly if they're going to make a festival's deadline—-kinda like the real authors of [title of show], Jeff Bowen (music and lyrics) and Hunter Bell (book), who also are part of the cast. We follow them as they race through various stock plots and characters, and then negotiate obstacle course such as finding backers, casting singers, and dealing with publicity. Bowen and Bell ingeniously integrate in-jokes about musical theater and its place in the culture at large ('Who wants to see Paris Hilton in The Apple Tree?') and set them to music so catchy it transcends the minimal arrangements (that'd be piano and...well, that's it). [title of show] shows what you can do with little money but lots of ideas and what seems like a bottomless reservoir of fun. Think of it as an update of the old MGM musicals in which Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney would put on a show in a barn.

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