Prancer: A Christmas Tale
Intrada Records - INT 7173

Intrada 22/11/2022 CD (720258717306)
Film Filmfreigabe: 2022

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# Spur   Dauer
1.I Can’t Wait To See You1:06
2.Nothing Is Beautiful Without You2:28
3.Love Arrives As A Reindeer2:24
4.Nothing Is Impossible1:47
5.The Greatest Gift Is Friendship5:34
6.Your Smile Lights Up The Room4:01
7.Woo-hoo She Likes You!1:59
8.She Was As Kind As The Day Is Long4:42
9.We Were Magic Together2:43
10.I Will Always Believe In You2:15
11.This Feels Like Home1:39
12.My Tears And The Magic Of Your Light1:49
13.I Can Be Closed Off Sometimes2:05
14.Prancer Dances1:00
15.Healing Memories1:32
16.I Have To Thank You2:10
17.Silent Night Hug2:24
18.It’s Time To Celebrate1:03
19.Love As Though You’ve Never Been Hurt2:27
20.Prancer: A Christmas Tale Suite6:13
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Prancer: A Christmas Tale (2022)

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