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The Flash

La-La Land Records (826924110126)
TV-Serie / TV-Film | Freigegeben: 2010 | Filmfreigabe: 1990 | Format: CD
Limitierte Auflage, beschränkte Auflage: 3000 Kopien

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# Spur Künstler/Komponist Dauer
1.Main Title Theme Danny Elfman1:32
2.The Flash - Pilot Main Title Theme / Street Danger2:44
4.Dark Rider Den / Rick Dies2:18
5.Meeting Tina / Treadmill2:08
6.Riders Embarrass Police1:29
7.Track Running Test1:18
8.Barry's Brother3:53
9.Funeral / Father & Son1:20
10.First Flash Attack4:34
11.Tina Meets Iris / Iris Comes Over2:32
12.The Flash Toys With Riders1:26
13.Barry's Breakdown1:26
14.Invasion / The Fighting Starts2:32
15.The Flash Joins The Fight1:34
16.Pike Beats The Flash / Flash Beats Pike8:28
17.Barry & Tina / Barry & Sean1:05
18.THE FLASH - Pilot End Credits1:03
19.Hot Spell0:43
20.Solid Stiffs / Bomb Squad / The Cold Hand Of Death2:57
21.Snow Dome / Iced Stiff / Hypothermia3:11
22.No Witnesses0:43
23.The Ice Man Cometh / The Frozen Bus & Frozen Cops / The Big Chill / Julio, THE FLASH?2:07
24.Car Phone Call / Megan In Distres2:34
25.The Flash Saves Megan1:35
26.Hypertoss And Turn / Not Too Tired For Hyperlove / Tricky Escape3:11
27.Skitoid Trickster1:21
28.Gag Me With A Flash1:03
29.The Lounge Lizard2:33
30.Barry Gets Hung Up3:28
31.Murph The Flash0:27
32.The Real Flash0:55
33.Baked You A Cake / Flash Struggles / That's All FolksContains music by Carl Stalling2:33
34.The Flash Shot Down1:18
35.THE FLASH - End Credits1:01
# Spur Künstler/Komponist Dauer
1. Main Title Theme - with FX Danny Elfman1:32
2. Megan Lockhart, Part I1:43
3. Fire / Rescue / Megan's Theme1:55
4. Lounge Lizard / Man Behind The Mask1:41
5. Star Labs Van / The Lock / Megan Installs Camera1:45
6. Casino / Everybody Wins1:05
7. Nice PJ's /Get It / Take Out Megan Lockhart1:39
8. Campaign Worker/ Watch For Radiation1:39
9. The Fire Bug / Megan Gets Caught /Flash To The Rescue/ Secret Lives3:01
10. That's All For Now0:49
11. At The Stroke Of Twelve4:39
12. It's About Time0:27
13. The Ghost Show / Nightshade1:45
14. Special Bulletin / Get On With The Show2:14
15. Flash Meets The Nightshade1:14
16. On Line / Just A Memory / Wired3:02
17. The Flash Gets Programmed / Don't Touch That Dial / Nightshade Hangs Up His Gun3:20
18. Beautiful Battery / Barry Gets Kissed / She's Got The Touch2:55
19. Two Bit Town / Urban Cowboy2:38
20. Crystal Caper / No Smoke, No Fire1:44
21. Double Jeopardy3:08
22. Mothers, Got To Love 'Em / Anything But The Mime0:56
23. Back To The Future2:56
24. Pike City / Where Did You Get That Red Suit? /Barry Finds Tina / Cops From Hell5:15
25. Maximum Power / On The Move / Flash, The Legend2:31
26. The Flash Returns / I'm Back2:47
27. Back Through Time / Pike's Confession / Words To Live By4:25
28. Center City Crime1:52
29. When You Care Enough / The Trickster Bear2:14
30. Clark Toys/ Bigger Kicks / Prank2:45
31. The Merry-Go-Round Broke DownWritten by Dave Franklyn and Cliff Friend0:18
32. Flash, The Executioner / The Great Trickster Escapemobile / Exploding Cars4:07
33. Padded Cell / Home Of The Flash1:08
34. THE FLASH - End Credits, with FXDanny Elfman1:01
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