Superman: The Animated Series

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TV-Serie / TV-Film | Freigegeben: 2014 | Format: CD
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# Spur   Dauer
2.Krypton Opening/Monster Attack2:37
3.Family Theme1:12
4.Earthquake/Jor-El Appeals1:59
5.Brainiac Confrontation2:14
6.Jor-El Escapes Arrest/Jor-El Outside1:52
7.Decision to Send Kal-El3:01
8.Brainiac Leaves Krypton/ Kal-El Leaves Krypton/1:43
9.Recap (The Last Son of Krypton, Part II)1:07
10.Kal-El Lands on Earth/Couple Find Kal-El2:09
11.Clark’s Abilities/Clark Meets His Parents3:19
12.Clark’s First Flight2:24
13.News Program Source0:32
14.Industrial Film Source1:10
15.Superman Rescues Lois/ Missile Hits Airliner3:13
16.Recap (The Last Son of Krypton, Part III)1:00
17.Superman Saves Airliner2:39
18.Clark’s Identity Crisis0:56
19.Lois Abducts Bibbo/Lois Meets John1:46
20.Clark Recognizes Ship/Orders to Kill Lois2:05
21.Robot Loose in City2:08
22.Lois Gets Story1:03
MONKEY FUN (Lolita Ritmanis)
23.Family Pet2:00
24.Titano Lost and Found2:06
25.Monkey Business/Babysitting With Fleas/Bacteria Attack2:07
26.Jimmy Runs Away1:01
27.Monkeys on the Loose/Superman Cages Lions1:54
28.Titano at the Dock1:53
29.Titano/Amusement Park1:37
30.Superman vs. Titano1:39
31.Pop Goes the Weasel (Traditional, arr. L. Ritmanis)0:37
32.Titano Relocated1:13
TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Kristopher Carter)
33.Tank Attack3:04
34.Meet Kanto/Mannheim Gets Gloves1:22
35.Train Wreck/Train Robbery1:31
36.To the Rescue1:44
37.Turpin Resigns1:11
38.Prisoner Turpin/Superman Finds Turpin/Turpin Saves Superman3:55
39.Superman Thanks Turpin/ Planet Apokolips1:20
TOOLS OF THE TRADE—Bonus Track (Kristopher Carter)
40.Train Wreck/Train Robbery (Alternate)1:51
41.SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES— Video End Credits (Shirley Walker)2:37
THE LAST SON OF KRYPTON, PART III—Bonus Music-And-Effects Track
42.Superman Destroys Robot (H. Cohen)/Superman Spurns Lex (M. McCuistion)/Brainiac Returns (L. Ritmanis)3:07
# Spur   Dauer
1.THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES—Main Title (Shirley Walker)1:05
WORLD’S FINEST, PART I (Michael McCuistion)
2.Closing Time/Joke in the Box Source/ Batman Takes Evidence1:37
3.Terrorists on Plane1:11
4.Lois Talks to Superman/Lois Beats Herself Up :580:58
5.Joker Abducts Lex1:20
6.Lex & Joker Make a Deal/Lois Meets Bruce1:42
7.Joker Undoes Carlini1:27
8.WayneLex T-70:52
9.First Dance1:11
10.Batman Shows Up/Binko’s Bad Night/Batman Bugs Superman3:29
WORLD’S FINEST, PART II (Michael McCuistion)
11.Recap (World’s Finest, Part II)0:38
12.Bruce and Lois Go Out/Joker Crashes Date/Joker’s Plan2:23
13.Batwing Takes Off/Superman Meets Joker1:39
14.Batman Saves Superman3:08
15.Batman Makes His Exit0:29
16.Harley Cheers Up Joker/Lex Meets With Joker2:01
17.Batman Pays Lex a Visit/Superman Flies By1:14
18.Jet Pac Transportation/Joker Uses Robot1:12
WORLD’S FINEST, PART III (Michael McCuistion & Lolita Ritmanis)
19.Recap (World’s Finest, Part III) (M. McCuistion) :350:35
20.Ship in Distress (M. McCuistion)1:45
21.Batman Drops In/ Batman Unmasked/ Superman Stops Robot (M. McCuistion)1:30
22.Batman Has to Leave/Lex Sets Up Joker (M. McCuistion)1:28
23.Arrival at Lab/Robots Battle Superman/Batman Gets to Lexwing (L. Ritmanis)6:04
24.Lexwing Crashes (M. McCuistion)2:22
25.Bruce Returns to Gotham (M. McCuistion)1:08
26.Stopping Traffic/Reading the Comics/The Statue Moves2:43
27.Chickens/Setting the Rules3:23
28.A Close Shave/Proofreading/Apartment Source3:52
29.Building Battle Suit1:54
30.Clark’s Calendar/Office Menagerie/Aerial Chase4:50
31.Why Am I Eating This?0:56
FATHER’S DAY (Shirley Walker)
32.Scream Machine Lands/Superman vs. Machine3:56
33.Desaad’s Tricky Plan1:26
34.Kalibak Comes to Earth/Kalibak Trashes Minerva1:56
35.Kalibak Ambushes Superman0:48
36.Superman vs. Kalibak/Fight on Train Track2:04
37.Battle Continues/Power Struggle3:25
38.Darkseid Beams Superman2:21
FATHER’S DAY—Bonus Track (Shirley Walker)
39.Restaurant Source1:07
40.THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES—End Credits (Shirley Walker)0:35
# Spur   Dauer
1.SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES—Twenty-Second Promo (Shirley Walker)0:26
IN BRIGHTEST DAY… (Michael McCuistion)
2.Kyle Catches Thief0:58
3.Abin Makes Ring Choose/Ring Chooses Kyle3:27
4.Kyle Is Green Lantern0:32
5.Superman Finds Abin/Sinestro Wants the Ring2:22
6.Superman Meets Guardian0:44
7.Kyle Saves Little Girl/Fight Continues3:02
8.Superman Helps Council/Fight for Power/Kyle Wins Battle4:05
9.Kyle’s Their Man1:16
A LITTLE PIECE OF HOME (Kristopher Carter)
10.Break-In at the Museum2:14
11.Lex Sees Superman Weak/Waiting for a Reaction0:51
12.Lois Gets a Phone Call/Steal Treasury Plates/No Deal with Lex5:31
13.Lois Visits S.T.A.R. Labs/Superman vs. Dinosaur/Superman Throws Rock4:26
LIVEWIRE (Harvey R. Cohen)
14.Wake-Up Source1:30
15.Construction Crane/Prevents Crane Accident2:42
16.Centennial Park Source1:15
17.Leslie Becomes Livewire1:37
18.Livewire Checks Out0:59
19.Metamorphosis Complete1:07
20.She Turns Off the Light/Tower of Power Is Back1:31
21.Superman Averts Planes0:59
22.Livewire Gets Recharged/Caution Sign3:41
APOKOLIPS…NOW!, PART I (Kristopher Carter)
23.Maggie Brings Cash0:51
24.Hovercraft Steals Truck/Superman Fights Craft/Superman & Broken Glass2:56
25.Darkseid Arrives/Orion Arrives2:10
26.New Genesis & Apokolips2:55
27.Air Base Battle/Orion Zaps Hovercraft/Orion Wins at Air Base3:20
28.Mannheim at Power Plant0:33
29.Orion Goes Back1:24
30.Power Plant Explodes/Superman Sees Explosion1:20
APOKOLIPS…NOW!, PART II (Kristopher Carter)
31.Recap (Apokolips…Now!, Part II)1:00
32.Hamilton Has Bad News1:06
33.Meet Steppenwolf0:26
34.Steppenwolf Arrives/Missiles Bring Down Superman2:11
35.Demons Take Over City/Attack of the Demons2:01
36.Superman Puts Out Fire1:44
37.Darkseid Appears1:00
38.Dan Fights Demons1:39
39.Apokoliptic War Machine/Darkseid Takes Control1:14
40.Orion to the Rescue/Dan’s Funeral4:42
41.THE NEW BATMAN/SUPERMAN ADVENTURES—Twenty-Second Promo (Shirley Walker)0:26
# Spur   Dauer
1.SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES—Ten-Second Promo (Shirley Walker)0:16
LITTLE GIRL LOST, PART I (Lolita Ritmanis)
2.Journey Through Space2:43
3.Superman Enters Chamber/Kala’s Story/Superman Finds Kara3:02
4.Kara Flies1:17
5.Intergang Interest/Intergang Arrives0:28
6.Gang Fights Superman2:38
7.Granny Knows Best/Kara Joins Jimmy0:48
8.Following Gang Into Building0:45
9.Granny Takes Control2:52
10.Recap (Little Girl Lost, Part II)0:53
12.Superman Is Captured/Kara Leaves for Apokolips3:23
13.Kara Arrives on Apokolips1:18
14.Kara Escapes Parademons2:00
15.Superman Kneels/Darkseid’s Prediction/Get Back Home3:31
16.Stop Comet/Superman Catches2:50
17.Supergirl’s OK1:07
FEEDING TIME (Michael McCuistion)
18.Toxic Waste2:28
19.Rudy Becomes Toxic/Goo on Superman’s Finger1:24
20.Parasite Saps Police1:16
21.Parasite Visits LeBeau/Parasite Saps Superman’s Energy2:23
22.Parasite Can’t Rob Bank0:32
23.Parasite Attacks Clark/His New Meal Plan0:49
24.Jimmy Gets Idea2:19
25.Superman Saves Jimmy/Saved by a Bug2:25
LEGACY, PART I (Shirley Walker)
26.Planet Attack2:20
27.Leader Revealed1:27
28.Kal-El’s Dream1:20
30.Supergirl Chases Robot2:01
31.Lex Knows0:34
32.Ready for Battle0:49
33.Kal-El Attacks Earth0:57
34.Lex Kills Kal-El3:53
LEGACY, PART II (Shirley Walker)
35.Recap (Legacy, Part II)0:28
36.Taken Prisoner1:37
37.Superman Tries to Escape2:09
38.Lois Springs Superman3:47
39.Lois Comforts Superman2:08
40.Return to Apokolips1:20
41.Superman vs. Furies1:01
42.Superman vs. Darkseid2:16
43.Darkseid Prevails2:07
44.Lois and Superman0:46
45.SUPERMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES—End Credits (Shirley Walker)0:35
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La-La Land Records and Warner Bros. proudly present the world premiere release of the magnificent original score to the acclaimed television series SUPERMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES. When producers Bruce Timm, Alan Burnett and Paul Dini brought to life the companion piece to their successful BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, they turned to the very same BATMAN musical team to provide a score worthy of the Man of Steel. Composers Kristopher Carter, Harvey R. Cohen, Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis and Shirley Walker delivered a knockout musical tapestry, the highlights of which are represented here in this amazing 4-CD SET produced by John Takis and Neil S. Bulk and mastered by Mike Matessino. Running over five full hours, this presentation features over 20 full episode scores, including the three-part epic crossover “World’s Finest” and Lolita Ritmanis’ Emmy-nominated score to “Little Girl Lost.” Also here, is the original unused ending score for the series’ finale, “Legacy.” Film music writer and album co-producer John Takis takes you behind the music with in-depth liners that feature exclusive composer interviews. Heroic art direction from Jim Titus rounds out this must-have compilation, showcasing some of the finest music ever recorded for an animated series… or any series, for that matter!

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