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The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms / Tarantula / Gorgo / The Monolith Monsters

Monstrous Movie Music (0611225195121)
Film | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 01/03/1996 | Format: CD

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# Spur   Dauer
Tarantula by Herman Stein and Henry Mancini (1955)
2.Main Title1:11
3.Gruesome Corpse1:15
4.Radioactive Research1:05
5.Spider On The Loose3:05
6.Burying The Evidence1:35
7.Side Effects1:15
8.Big Bunnies0:56
9.Agar To The Rescue1:23
10.Evening Snack1:33
11.Bring Down The House2:51
12.Blasted Arachnid1:50
13.End Title0:32
The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms by David Buttolph (1953)
14.Main Title1:11
15.Far North / Expedition / Monster2:06
16.Lost Scientist / Beast Sighted2:20
18.Extinguishing The Lighthouse0:57
19.Diving Bell1:13
20.Bell And Octopus1:54
21.Absent Professor1:31
22.Monster Does Manhattan1:57
23.Herald Square/ Germs1:14
24.Up The Coaster / Finale4:14
The Monolith Monsters by Irving Gertz (1957)
25.Main Title1:03
Gorgo by Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (1961)
26.Main Title1:48
27.Restless Sea / Underwater / Tidal Wave2:21
28.On The Island / Inner Room2:08
29.Gorgo Sighted / Gorgo Surfaces1:48
30.Fire Fight1:23
31.Making A Plan / Ocean Voyage1:35
32.Gorgo Escapes / Mama Rises1:14
33.Jet Alert / Battleship Barrage1:07
34.Military Might /Torpedo Attack2:05
35.Big Ben Demolished0:56
36.London Trampled1:09
37.Return To Sea / End Title2:09
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