The Tower

Film | Freigegeben: 2004 | Filmfreigabe: 2002 | Format: CD
Limitierte Auflage, beschränkte Auflage: 1000 Kopien

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Amour de Fantôme, Pt. 17:46
2.Amour de Fantôme, Pt. 28:42
3.Amour de Fantôme, Pt. 34:03
4.Amour de Fantôme, Pt. 412:04
5.Coeur hanté7:00
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Original soundtrack from Gedney Webb ghost movie. Christopher Young addresses nostalgic, intimate tale with his gentlest work to date. Main theme lingers with gentle-tragic shade. Young maintains intimate mood with transparent orchestration for strings, piano, harp. Long, well-drawn cues allow unusual coherency. Highlight: haunting main theme in minor weaves throughout, finally becomes expressive melody in major. Beautiful idea! Veteran horror composer reveals previously hidden, gently romantic side. This is the debut release of the Intrada Signature Editions, a series focusing on music by important composers for select projects scored between higher profile films. CD also includes notes by both director and composer. Limited to 1000 copies.

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