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Quartet Records (8436035005406)
Film | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 07/11/2013 | Filmfreigabe: 2012 | Format: CD, Herunterladen

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# Spur   Dauer
4.Aglaja – Theme2:27
6.Bad Dreams1:17
7.Family Memories3:46
9.Back To The Past2:41
10.Mother's Arrival2:32
11.Aglaja – Freedom2:26
12.Travel To The Seaside1:22
13.Photo Album2:42
14.Meeting With Father1:57
15.Journey Into The Unknown7:50
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We are very proud to add the name of Zbigniew Preisner (La double vie de Verónique, Bleu, Blanc, Rouge, The Secret Garden) to our catalogue. The first volume of this new collection includes the world premiere release of the most recent score composed by the Polish genius: Aglaja, directed by Kristina Deák and starring Eszter Ónodi, Babett Jávor and Piroska Móga.

The film is about the relationship of a mother and her daughter, the split-up of their family, the blessing and curse of belonging together and about coming of age – all from the perspective of the young girl Aglaja. The story is based on real-life events – an Eastern-European family of circus artists that fled to the West. If they want to stay in the circus business they have to make up an exotic act. The mother spends all their money to buy a very dangerous act: hanging by her hair high up in the dome of the circus while juggling burning torches. Every night Aglaja is terrified by the fear of losing her mother, but, some day, she will have to follow the family tradition and become the “Woman with the Hair of Steel.”

Preisner has written an emotional and introspective score, dominated by an instrumental ensemble common to many of the composer’s works: flute, piano, bass and acoustic guitar.

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