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Raging Angels

Film | Veröffentlichungsdatum: 16/09/2013 | Filmfreigabe: 1995 | Format: CD
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# Spur   Dauer
1.Main Titles2:06
2.The Intruder1:04
3.Chris's Meeting3:27
4.Sister Kate Asks For Help1:15
5.Chris's Question1:39
6.Molech Greets Sister Kate1:00
7.The Dance Of Darkness0:48
8.Colin Reveals The Way To Lila2:10
9.Chris And Lila1:25
10.An Inner Tornado Brings Voices1:18
11.A View From Above1:51
12.To Exorcise The Demonic Need1:44
13.When Darkness Enters The Room1:23
14.A Distant Reach For A Lost Touch1:39
15.Molech's Revenge2:22
16.Sister Kate Reaches For Chris1:27
17.The Death Of Grandma Ruth3:40
18.Retribution And The Final Battle3:16
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World premiere of large scale horror music from bizarre tale that stirs in floundering musicians, cults, demons, supernatural darkness, religion... and possibly the Antichrist himself, starring Michael Pare, Diane Ladd, Shelley Winters, Sean Patrick Flanery, released through Nu Image and Chako Films International. Establishing overall darkness of story, Terry Plumeri launches with dynamic idea that chills, courtesy series of imposing minor triads that assume role of main theme. Gothic chorus adds layer of intensity. Cool idea finds chorus intoning large chords while orchestra plays aggressive rhythms underneath. In nice contrast is love theme, primarily for strings with haunting solo guitar. Score is modest in length due to sharing of screen time with numerous unrelated heavy metal songs by various artists (not included here.) Terry Plumeri conducts Mosfilm Studio Orchestra & Choir of Russia. Intrada Signature Edition available while quantities and interest remains!

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