Ocean's Eleven

Film | Freigegeben: 2002 | Filmfreigabe: 2001 | Format: CD

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Main Title2:02
2.Hollywood, CA0:37
3.The Plans1:33
4.The Team3:20
6.Chicago, IL1:19
7.The Watchers2:54
8.Electronic Break-In2:22
10.Mr. Benedict1:58
11.Here Comes the Girl1:04
12.Museum Camera1:12
13.Casino Implosion1:16
14.Timing Explanation1:12
15.The Pinch1:37
16.Linus Escapes1:07
17.Let's Do This0:35
18.Linus is Ready1:21
19.Benedict & the 'NGC'0:46
20.The Dolly1:03
21.Rusty is In0:39
22.Danny & The Big Guy1:23
23.The Vault0:36
24.Rusty the Doc0:49
25.Laser Beam/The Pinch Blows1:16
26.Soporific Guards0:38
27.The Door0:51
28.Yen is Trapped0:33
29.A Call for Mr. Benedict1:03
30.Half in a Van3:02
31.At the Airport0:44
32.Van Explosion1:15
33.Benedict Knows the Truth1:45
34.A Liar & A Happy Thief4:07
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