Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths - Part Two

Gardener Recordings 23/04/2024 Herunterladen
Film Filmfreigabe: 2024

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Crisis Part Two-Opening Titles1:27
2.Tanking Around4:01
3.Psycho Analysis2:21
4.Small Debris2:35
5.Charles Halstead2:41
6.Monitor's Satellite2:18
7.I Know This Object1:02
8.I Like Nazis2:46
9.Altlanteans to the Rescue2:00
11.A Gift2:27
12.Something We Can Do2:14
13.Doom Into Salvation1:46
14.Eluding the Flash1:59
15.Anti Matter Sited3:21
16.A Little Help Here2:11
18.Escape to Nowhere1:28
19.Anomaly Incoming1:39
20.Shadow Demons1:22
21.Anti Monitor2:00
22.Overwhelmed by Shadows3:06
23.Solivar's Fight3:01
24.Shadows on Themyscira1:10
26.A Psychotic Pirate1:14
27.Brightest Light1:15
28.Save Us All2:28
29.No Men in Battle of Light & Green2:02
30.Now I Have a Choice1:14
31.Bad Timing1:53
32.Caring Costs a Lot1:40
33.My Name is John1:54
35.Bat Family Therapy1:50
36.A Single2:18
37.I Killed Them All2:16
38.Crisis Part Two-End Credits2:41
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