The 'Burbs
La-La Land Records - LLLCD 1615 Expanded Limited Edition

La-La Land Records 29/11/2022 CD - 1500 Kopien
Film Filmfreigabe: 1989

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# Spur   Dauer
1.Night Work (Main Title)2:39
2.The Window / Home Delivery2:25
3.The Raven0:54
4.Nocturnal Feeders0:29
5.Good Neighbors2:10
6.Let’s Go2:06
7.Bad Karma0:40
8.The Sentinel3:24
9.My Neighborhood2:05
10.The Garage4:27
11.Spare Key1:19
12.The Note1:02
13.Devil Worship1:14
14.The Dream2:34
15.The Note No. 21:30
16.This Is Walter2:02
17.Snooping Around0:50
18.I’m. O.K.1:04
19.Solid Floors / Ask Him1:39
20.What’s In The Cellar1:00
21.The Wig2:26
22.Hot Wires2:39
23.Red Rover, Red Rover1:15
24.No Beer3:10
25.Home Furnace0:51
26.No Lights0:42
27.Walter’s Home2:01
28.Something Is Moving1:47
29.There’s A Body1:05
30.My Skull / The Gurney2:27
31.The Trunk1:43
32.Pack Your Bags2:16
33.Square One (End Credits)4:13
34.The Window (Film Version)0:27
35.Nocturnal Feeders (Alternate)0:30
36.Let’s Go (Alternate Opening)0:44
37.Devil Worship (Film Version)1:14
38.The Note No. 2 (Film Version)1:30
39.This Is Walter (Film Version)2:02
40.This Is Walter (Alternate)2:01
41.I’m O.K. (Alternate)1:04
42.No Beer (Film Version)2:24
43.The Trunk (Film Version)1:25
44.Pack Your Bags (Film Version)2:11
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