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   Hans Michael Anselmo Hess
Residenz: United Kingdom
Offizielle Seite:
Biografie (Biografie nur in Englisch verfügbar) (Aktualisiert 2019-02-10)

Hans Michael Anselmo Hess is an award-winning Brazilian born British film composer based in Bristol- UK. Hans became a musician because he has always loved the magical power of communication that music is capable of. He was amazed on how such art from can speak a language that allows multiple understandings. Hans’s first instrument was the recorder, which he really liked, but the influence at home of his brothers listening to heavy metal (especially Iron Maiden) had a huge impact and he started to learn electric guitar. Later, he fell in love with the classical guitar (especially by the music of Leo Brouwer and Brazilian guitar music) and decided to pursue a BA in Music with emphasis in guitar performance at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

But it was the communication between music and moving image that added for him a very special excitement and power. When Hans first heard the soundtracks of composers such as James Horner (Brave Heart), David Arnold (Independence Day), Jerry Goldsmith (The Mummy), Enio Morricone (The Mission), Alan Silvestri (Predator), Randy Edelman (Dragon Heart), and Eric Serra (The Fifth Element), he knew that music composition for films was the medium he wanted to use to communicate with people.

In 2006, Hans moved to England to study his postgraduate degrees at the University of Bristol where he earned a master’s degree in composition of music for film and television, and in 2014 he completed his PhD in Film Musicology about the use of samba in Brazilian films. Since 2014, Hans has been commissioned to work as a film composer for different media productions on a regular basis. Very recent soundtrack projects include feature film Clownface (2019) and short film Safe to Assume (2019).

Hans is currently working on TV series Jan Jaruka for Flick 7 Productions, production music albums, preparing the commercial releases of original motion picture soundtrack albums and working as a freelance composer for Massive Music.

Previous projects include feature film Carnival of Sorrows (2017), short movie Once An Old Lady Sat On My Chest (2017), a 360 degree short film New Reality (2016), two short silent movies Invisible (2016) and Squeaky Bike (2016), short drama The Inquiry (2016) (nominated for best original score at Feel The Reel), short horror Ex Demiurgus (2016) (won awards for Best Original Music at Los Angeles Horror Competition, Honorable Mention at Los Angeles Film Awards as well as a nomination for Best
Soundtrack at International Sound & Film Music Festival), and original music for Kenyan TV series News Just In (2016).

Hans also works as a library music composer collaborating with different companies. He is currently working in full length albums for Velvet Green Music-LA and BMG Production Music. Hans’ music been placed at TV channels and programs such as Bravo, History Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet and E! Entertainment, and in TV series such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, American Pickers, Picked Off, Flipping Out, Push Girls, Double Divas and Fox, just to name a few.

Besides his busy activity in the industry, Hans also works as a senior lecturer in film music composition at Leeds College of Music.

As a film composer, Hans loves creating a music narrative that blends beautifully not only with the images, but that can also communicate something about the characters, about the story, about a culture, or about a world real or fantasised. Hans’s writing is mainly orchestral music, but he also loves to experiment (whenever appropriate to a project) the use of the classical guitar with other instruments. He has been an enthusiast in the incorporation and hybridization of other musical genres and styles to his musical language, in order to bring bold, different and innovative approaches for film scoring.

Honours and awards include:

- International Sound & Film Music Festival 2018
Best Original Score – Nominee for feature Carnival of Sorrows

- Los Angeles Film Awards 2018:
Best Score for feature Carnival of Sorrows

- Los Angeles Horror Competition 2017:
Platinum Award for Best Original Score for short Ex Demiurgus

- International Sound & Film Music Festival 2016:
Best Original Score – Nominee for short Ex Demiurgus

- Los Angeles Film Awards 2016:
Original Score – Honourable Mention for short Ex Demiurgus

- Feel The Reel International Film Festival 2016:
Best Original Score – Nominee for short The Inquiry