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 If I StayIf I Stay (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: WaterTower Music
The Anathema ReportAnathema Report, The (2014)
Composer: Report
Label: Rebore Records
 No God, No MasterNo God, No Master (2014)
Composer: Nuno Malo
Label: Varèse Sarabande
 Star Trek Into DarknessStar Trek Into Darkness (2014)
Composer: Michael Giacchino
Label: Varèse Sarabande Club
 What IfWhat If (2014)
Composer: A.C. Newman
Label: Milan Records
 Escape PlanEscape Plan (2014)
Composer: Alex Heffes
Label: Red River Entertaint
The Hundred-Foot JourneyHundred-Foot Journey, The (2014)
Composer: A. R. Rahman
Label: Hollywood Records
Les CombattantsCombattants, Les (2014)
Composer: Hit+Run
Label: Nord-Ouest Films
The Expendables 3Expendables 3, The (2014)
Composer: Brian Tyler
Label: La-La Land Records
 Ironclad - Battle For BloodIronclad - Battle For Blood (2014)
Composer: Andreas Weidinger
Label: Media Recordings Intl.
 JacobJacob (2014)
Composer: Iain Kelso
Label: Howlin' Wolf Records
 Scar TissueScar Tissue (2014)
Composer: Mark Ayres
Label: Silva Screen Records
The GiverGiver, The (2014)
Composer: Marco Beltrami
Label: Sony Music Classical
 Kaguya-Hime No MonogatariKaguya-Hime No Monogatari (2013)
Composer: Joe Hisaishi
Label: Ponycanyon Korea
The In-LawsIn-Laws, The (2014)
Composer: John Morris
Label: La-La Land Records
The X-Files: Fight the FutureX-Files: Fight the Future, The (2014)
Composer: Mark Snow
Label: La-La Land Records
Il Mondo fino in fondoMondo fino in fondo, Il (2014)
Composer: Pasquale Catalano
Label: WMI Italy
 Red LinesRed Lines (2014)
Composer: Various Artists, Armand Amar
Label: Various Artists
 Shining RomanceShining Romance (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: iMBC
 Albino Lullaby: Episode 1Albino Lullaby: Episode 1 (2014)
Composer: Ape Law
Label: Ape Law
Un Illustre inconnuIllustre inconnu, Un (2014)
Composer: Jérôme Rebotier
Label: Chapter 2
 At MiddletonAt Middleton (2014)
Composer: Arturo Sandoval
Label: Perseverance Records
 Bologna 2 AgostoBologna 2 Agosto (2014)
Composer: Giovanni Rotondo, Franco Eco
Label: WMI Italy
 New York MelodyNew York Melody (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Universal Music Division Polydor
 ReincarnatedReincarnated (2013)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: RCA Records US
 Wicked BloodWicked Blood (2014)
Composer: Elia Cmiral
Label: Varèse Sarabande
 HauntHaunt (2014)
Composer: Reinhold Heil
Label: Varèse Sarabande
 BoundenBounden (2014)
Composer: Bart Delissen
Label: Bart Delissen
La Ardilla rojaArdilla roja, La (2014)
Composer: Alberto Iglesias, Txetxo Bengoetxea
Label: Karonte
 TierraTierra (2014)
Composer: Alberto Iglesias
Label: Karonte
 VacasVacas (2014)
Composer: Alberto Iglesias
Label: Karonte
The Hornet's NestHornet's Nest, The (2014)
Composer: Michael Trella, Various Artists
Label: Gratitude Entertainment
 Take Me to the RiverTake Me to the River (2014)
Composer: Cody Dickinson, Various Artists
Label: Concord Records
 3days3days (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Imports
 Penny DreadfulPenny Dreadful (2014)
Composer: Abel Korzeniowski
Label: Varèse Sarabande
The Pied Piper of HamelinPied Piper of Hamelin, The (2013)
Composer: Irving Taylor, Edvard Grieg, Original Cast
Label: Soundtrack Classics
 Step Up: All InStep Up: All In (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Ultra Records
 Antarctic OdysseyAntarctic Odyssey (2014)
Composer: Eric Bettens
Label: Westland Music
The Guilty Til' Proven Innocent ProjectGuilty Til' Proven Innocent Project, The (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Big Spin/LRT
 Surf Nazis Must DieSurf Nazis Must Die (2014)
Composer: Jon McCallum
Label: Strange Disc
 Centennial SummerCentennial Summer (2014)
Composer: Leo Robin, Jerome Kern, E.Y. Harburg, Oscar Hammerstein
Label: Kritzerland
 Planes, Trains And AutomobilesPlanes, Trains And Automobiles (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Geffen
 33 (2014)
Composer: Anirudh Ravichander
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
 Empress KiEmpress Ki (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Space Shower Music
 Cheery PointCheery Point (2014)
Composer: Blake Mohler
Label: IndiGoBoom
 Guardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Composer: Tyler Bates
Label: Hollywood Records
 Hannibal Season 1 Volume 2Hannibal Season 1 Volume 2 (2014)
Composer: Brian Reitzell
Label: Lakeshore Records
 Red LineRed Line (2014)
Composer: Alan Derian
 Holy GhostHoly Ghost (2014)
Composer: Luke Atencio, Tony Anderson
Label: Wanderlust Productions
 Hannibal Season 1 Volume 1Hannibal Season 1 Volume 1 (2014)
Composer: Brian Reitzell
Label: Lakeshore Records
 Red SkyRed Sky (2014)
Composer: Timothy Williams
Label: Lakeshore Records
 Into the StormInto the Storm (2014)
Composer: Brian Tyler
Label: Varèse Sarabande
 Won Ton TonWon Ton Ton (2014)
Composer: Neal Hefti
Label: Kritzerland
 Lebe lieber italienischLebe lieber italienisch (2014)
Composer: Fabrizio Tentoni
Label: 2 Lane Records
 FluïdFluïd (2014)
Composer: Denis Fecteau
Label: Blue Tone Production
 Theme Songs for Invisible Motion PicturesTheme Songs for Invisible Motion Pictures (2014)
Composer: Huma-Huma
Label: Huma-Huma
 Sharknami: The Musical?Sharknami: The Musical? (2014)
Composer: Deirdre Manning, John DeLisa
Label: Various Artists
 Western Film MusicWestern Film Music (2014)
Composer: Alan Pride
Label: Western Music
 Bloody BaudelaireBloody Baudelaire (2014)
Composer: Matt Howden, R. B. Russell
Label: Klanggalerie
 Magari mi metto a dietaMagari mi metto a dieta (2014)
Composer: Elena Storchi, Renato Giorgio
Label: Paoline
The Giver: Music CollectionGiver: Music Collection, The (2014)
Composer: Various Artists, Various Artists
Label: Interscope Records, School Boy
 Come il buon samaritanoCome il buon samaritano (2014)
Composer: Fabio Baggio
Label: Paoline
La Danza de la realidadDanza de la realidad, La (2014)
Composer: Adan Jodorowsky
Label: ABKCO Music & Records
 Prospero's BooksProspero's Books (2014)
Composer: Michael Nyman
Label: Universal Music Division
 You InsteadYou Instead (2014)
Composer: Brian McAlpine
Label: Metropolis Movie Music
 Fahrenheit 451Fahrenheit 451 (2014)
Composer: Bernard Herrmann
Label: Red Bitch Music
 Some Enchanted Evening: Classic Film TracksSome Enchanted Evening: Classic Film Tracks (2013)
Composer: Various Artists, Various Artists
Label: Top Tracks
 Bristol Boys Make More Noise!Bristol Boys Make More Noise! (2014)
Composer: Various Artists, Various Artists
Label: Bristol Archive Records
 Life StoriesLife Stories (2014)
Composer: Rafael Corpa
The Anime and Game CollectionAnime and Game Collection, The (2014)
Composer: Taylor Davis
Label: Taylor Davis
Les Baxter: At the MoviesBaxter: At the Movies, Les (2014)
Composer: Les Baxter
Label: Les Baxter & Les Baxter Orchestra
 It's a Wonderful LifeIt's a Wonderful Life (2014)
Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin
Label: Red Bitch Music
 Malcolm Arnold: Film MusicMalcolm Arnold: Film Music (2014)
Composer: Malcolm Arnold
Label: Revolver Records
 My ShanghaiMy Shanghai (2014)
Composer: Jonathan Geer
Label: Jonathan Geer
 Musique de films - Wahid AzarMusique de films - Wahid Azar (2014)
Composer: Wahid Azar
Label: Voice of Beirut
The Selma Album: A Musical Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Selma Album: A Musical Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., The (2014)
Composer: Tommy Butler, Various Artists
Label: Rhino Atlantic
 AscendAscend (2014)
Composer: Cathleen Flynn
Label: Flynn Music Group
 BuTakHaeYo KaepTinBuTakHaeYo KaepTin (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Ponycanyon Korea
 EiyusenkiEiyusenki (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Tenco
 Jamais le dimancheJamais le dimanche (2014)
Composer: Manos Hadjidakis
Label: Editions Milan Music
 Me and the ColonelMe and the Colonel (2013)
Composer: George Duning, George Duning, George Duning, George Duning, George Duning, George Duning
Label: Classic Music International, Classic Soundtrack Collector, Hot Record Society, Sinetone AMR, Stage door, Vintage Music
 ChunoChuno (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Ponycanyon Korea
 Quando c'era BerlinguerQuando c'era Berlinguer (2014)
Composer: Fabrizio Sferra, Danilo Rea, Enzo Pietropaoli
Label: Flipper srl Edizioni Musicali
 Greeks of the SeaGreeks of the Sea (2014)
Composer: Joe Kiely
Label: Various Artists
La MatriarcaMatriarca, La (2014) (Libertine, The)
Composer: Armando Trovajoli
Label: EMI General Music
Die Nixe vom LaudachseeNixe vom Laudachsee, Die (2014)
Composer: Jona Pesendorfer
Label: Jona Music
The Bridget Jones CollectionBridget Jones Collection, The (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Countdown Media
 C.E.O. Gaming 2014C.E.O. Gaming 2014 (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: Godlike Gaming Music Group
The Battered Bastards of BaseballBattered Bastards of Baseball, The (2014)
Composer: Brocker Way
Label: Brocker Way
 RexRex (2014)
Composer: Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi
Label: I dischi dell'Espleta
I Soliti ignotiSoliti ignoti, I (2014)
Composer: Piero Umiliani
Label: Naxos
Il Mondo Dei RomaniMondo Dei Romani, Il (2014)
Composer: Piero Umiliani
Label: Beat Records
 Disney, Through the Looking GlassDisney, Through the Looking Glass (2014)
Composer: Andrés de la Torre
Label: 2M1 Records
 Big River ManBig River Man (2014)
Composer: Rich Ragsdale
Label: 2M1 Records
 Nouvelle VagueNouvelle Vague (2014)
Composer: Stéphane Kerecki Quartet, Various Artists
Label: Outnote Records
 Free China: The Courage to BelieveFree China: The Courage to Believe (2014)
Composer: Tony Chen
Label: Ntd Television, World2be Productions & Parigon Partners
La Leyenda de DarwanLeyenda de Darwan, La (2014)
Composer: Inaki Campomanes
Label: ICD/ARC
The Young and Prodigious T.S. SpivetYoung and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, The (2014)
Composer: Denis Sanacore
Label: Gaumont / Épithète Films
 Oh! What a Lovely WarOh! What a Lovely War (2014)
Composer: Various Artists
Label: ELT
 TracesTraces (2014)
Composer: Michel Banabila
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