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Den Allvarsamma lekenAllvarsamma leken, Den (2014) (Serious Game, The)
Composer: Albin Flinkas, Maja Rung, Marika Willstedt, Fr
Label: Record Union

 Defcon2Defcon2 (2014)
Composer: Wargames
Label: Record Union

 Desmuntant LeonardoDesmuntant Leonardo (2014)
Composer: Joan Vilà
Label: Record Union

 IsovihaIsoviha (2014)
Composer: Mikko Tamminen
Label: Record Union

 Musiken från filmen Farfars fabrikMusiken från filmen Farfars fabrik (2014)
Composer: Eric Väpnargård
Label: Record Union

 OmnivorosOmnivoros (2013)
Composer: Lucia Rojo
Label: Record Union

 Sanctum 2Sanctum 2 (2013)
Composer: Leonard Hummer
Label: Record Union

 Vigilo El CaminoVigilo El Camino (2013)
Composer: Alvaro Aragüés
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