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Thin Ice

Thin Ice Soundtrack (Jeff Danna) - CD cover
Composer: Jeff Danna
Released: 2012 (Film release: 2011)
Label: Werk Music
Type: Movie
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Format: CD, Download
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1. The Forgery of a Violin (1:14)
2. Mickey in the Diner (1:25)
3. Gorvy Has a Violin (1:33)
4. Melting Ice (1:31)
5. Mickey and Sherri (1:23)
6. The Bank (1:15)
7. Chicago (2:53)
8. Bob Is Hired (1:27)
9. Murder (5:37)
10. Dump the Body (4:05)
11. Mickey Ditches the Fiddle (3:55)
12. Everything Was a Lie (5:09)
13. Thin Ice Tail Credits (1:27)

Total duration: 32 minutes
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